History of Ansteorra

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Legend has it the the City of Ansteorra (founded as Kalés An Stáran) was founded by an Aracthan trader by the name of Goridona in the first decade of the Third Age. The rocky outcropping overlooking the Crescent Sea was an easily fortified area, an extremely important bonus in the chaos that followed the Great Cataclysm.

This particular plateau was far from pristine, though it had been quite desolate for nearly a millennium before it was built upon by Goridona and his company. The rock was laced with at least fifty levels of catacombs hewn by Dwarven hands during the reigns of the great Dwarven Kings of the First Age. Above the large dungeon sat the ruins of a more contemporary city, which had been destroyed by the Aracthan army for some percieved slight long before.

Situated between the States of Montevello and the remnants of the Empire of Aractha, Goridona's town quickly became the preferred caravan stop along the major roads connecting East-West and North-South. As a byproduct of this, the City of Ansteorra became incredibly rich in a short amount of time, attracting the eye of a local strongman who styled himself as the "Bandit King". The Bandit King gathered a small army of n'er-do-wells and miscreants, using them to overthrow the Goridona, and take the spoils of the major trade routes for themselves.

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