Duchy of Himo

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The Duchy of Himo, founded originally as the Duchy as Scarholm in 3A 2270, came to unite a collection of minor nations nestled among the Himoan Shield mountains and the coast. Despite its reputation as a haven for piracy, Himo as a nation profited primarily from legitimate trade. As a coastal country, Himo served as a major trading destination for the traffic from Pirostia. Himoan shipping magnates and trade captains were some of the richest in the Freelands. In the mountains of Himo, the Tuscany-inspired landscape was home to dozens of famous wineries, oileries and vinegaries. Even the famous Ruddiwyne vineyards are located in what once was northern Himo.

Southern Himo was dominated by the city of Scarport; the capital and sole stain on the fabric of the nation. The city of Scarport, the foundation of which predates that of Himo itself, has been through hundreds of incarnations over the ages, each new city built on (and from) the ruins of the previous. Under Himo’s lenient rule, the city was a haven for ne'er-do-wells and privateers. Many a pirate found his start within its alleyways. At the same time, because of its massive ports and position near the Thistledown river, Scarport was a town of extreme riches and villas to the north of the city.

At the end of the Liberation War in 4A 7, when the heretic Erisvan invaded the Freelands, Scarport was obliterated. Erisvan re-activated an ancient and woefully powerful curse that had been placed deep in the labyrinthine under-city by the original inhabitants. With Scarport gone, the ruling Ducal family dead, and the nation suddenly without any leadership whatsoever, the surviving Himoans were absorbed by the Holy Launcian Empire after the Republic was ousted by their armies.