Heroes of Calenndor

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A ragtag group of adventurers tossed together by fate, the Heroes of Calenndor are famed for their casting of Thelmin Waterpasser into the void, and saving the continent of Calenndor. Their adventures took them far across the continent, and ended in the year TA 4391, in a place between the planes, where each of them had to pass a trial involving their past, and personality. In the years since what the group would call the 'Rune Quest', each member of the Heroes of Calenndor has gone his/her own way.

The Heroes were/are (in alphabetical order):

Arzosah Fire
Deceased as of 4A 3
Dalin Kayde
Currently residing in both Areah and Ansteorra
Iris Lightwing
Whereabouts unknown
Archmagess of the Valanthian Council
Archmage of the Valanthian Council
Rivyn Volvagia
Rivyn's doings are ever inscrutable
Zagnafein Silverleaf
Currently exploring Feanor