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The Council of Heresy

A gathering of individuals so terribly and magnificantly evil, that they have reached a state of infamy that can only be marvelled at. Despite what the informal gathering of thirteen individuals might be called, ancient hatreds run within their numbers, but they are each bound together and held into a reasonable amount of peaceability by their bonds to their Dark Primes, and the power of their nominal leader Balseraph. They are creatures of immense power, chosen by the Dark Primes to serve as their avatars where they were forbidden to act. Their existence is a Heretical manipulation of the First Law, and these Heretics live to serve on Feanor the whims of their Primes.

The Citadel of the Heretics floats within a strange demiplane buried deep within the Dreaming. The once-magnificent palace of the God Emperor of Aractha, and the only surviving artifact of ancient Unath, the citadel remains in blessed decadent splendor: its gothic spires twisted and malfescant, a slow and elegant decay into nothingness.

The Heretics

Maldeve Ay'Telcodar

Heretic of Caves and Frenzy

Maldeve is a relatively new Heretic, having slaughtered the previous Heretic of Frenzy, Nyxx, In year 4388 of the Third Age. Maldeve is a squat Ferret dressed in ragged, threadbare clothing. His paws are normal sized, but with preteurnaturally long claws, which he uses to scratch at everything he touches - one of many nervous tics he's acquired since ascending. Maldeve suffers from acute hyperactivity, and cannot sit still for more than a few minutes at a time.

Allies/Enemies: Maldeve has no close allies, though is seen to associate with Trothfang.

Baezelbal Ay'Drossifer

Heretic of Flies and Lonliness

Baezelbal is a Feline with brackish fur, and smells as if he rolled in some slime and let that decay on him over the past thousand years, which he probably has. Baezelbal is always surrounded by a cloud of insects which feast upon his slimy coating at all times. His horrid stench causes mortal furres instant nausea, vomiting, or loss of consciousness. Even the other council members find Baezelbal repulsive, and do not deal with him unless they have to. Baezelbal prefers it this way, as the solitude allows him time to continue his slimy machinations unhindered.

En'narr Ti'Peristane

Heretic of Claws and Slavery

En'narr is the youngest, and only surviving son of Peristane, and was born before his father's second attempt to control Taigorr. He is one of the oldest Heretics, and shares a relationship with his Prime the way that few other Heretics can claim. En'narr is a Gryffe, arrogant to a fault, and sincerely believes himself to be more 'chosen' than the others. He seeks to dominate the world, and avenge his father's defeats. He hates the Prime Reegarr, and will interrupt a plot sometimes just to destroy a small temple to the Prime, or group of Reegarr's followers.

Allies/Enemies: En'narr is hard to get along with, though he allies with Balseraph on occasion, and ShadowWake prior to his dissapearance.

Katrina Ay'Suffrith

Heretic of Disasters, Gluttony and Lust

Katrina is the opposite of her mistress, a morbidly obese and piggish Lapine. She carries her weight around ploddingly, but with uncanny dexterity easily handles the chains of no less than 10 male furres who are her slave consorts. Katrina's needs seem endless, and her slaves are more than happy to attend to her whims.

Allies/Enemies: Katrina is allied with Balseraph and Erisvan, with whom she shares notes.

Pytch Ay'Taglinn Tigh

Heretic of Nightmares and Fear

Pytch is an ancient Heretic, perhaps as old as Balseraph, though his exact origins are unknown. Though he is a being comprised of the Nightmares of the Dragon, to mortals he appears as a spindled frame, devoid of dimension and composition, two points of blueish radiance reach out from the dark ethereal shroud that masks his body. Pytch has ruled over the fallen City of Towers in Valanthas since the third year of the Fourth Age. Though trapped within those fell walls by enchantments meant to bind his power over the world, he nonetheless plans his escape.

Allies/Enemies: His specific relations with the other Heretics is unclear.

Balseraph Am'Lokira

Heretic of Cruelty and Pain

Balseraph is, by many millennia, the eldest Heretic. His exact origins are unknown, but the prevailing wisdom is that he was the first Furre sadomasochist, Lokira's 'special pet' in the days when the Primes walked the earth. and he does nothing to disprove it. Balseraph is a Canine, though as his body is scarred with innumerable piercings, modifications and tattoos that have been given, torn out, and replaced over the ages, he is actually quite indescribable. He is, by sheer force of will, the head of the Council of Heretics, and seems to enjoy playing the part, manipulating behind the scenes.

Allies/Enemies: Balseraph allies himself with no one, though there are many who ally with him. Katrina and Erisvan, who share his perverse sense of humor are close associates, and he is quite fond of the counsel of the Prophetess.

Mim Ay'Chatengo

Heretic of Treachery and Despair

The Heretic of Despair is a pallid reflection of a furre, as if the twisted and painful agony of slow, hopeless death was given a physical form. Mim is Vulpine, though the description stops there, as his skin is furless, and white as death. Mim whispers as he speaks, never saying anything aloud. His temprament soft and soothing, but he is easily the most treacherous of the Heretics. His daughter is Raiko.

Allies/Enemies: Mim has no allies, except for Raiko, to whom he is bound, as Chatengo is bound to Nareetha.

Raiko Ay'Nareetha

Heretic of Death and Sorrow

She appears as a young kit fox, only four or five summers old, but horribly wounded, sliced by blades to the brink of death. Though they are wrapped tightly, Raiko's wounds never heal, and the bandages are stained with dried blood and pus. Her mouth is gagged with a similarly bloody cloth. Her head, paws, upper back and footpaws are skewered with ethereal ropes which rise into the air, vanishing into shadow, as if she were nothing but a puppet. A strange, ghostly child's giggle follows in her wake, though it is not clear if she is the one making the sound. Mortals who see Raiko are immediately driven to tears or madness. Her father is Mim.

Allies/Enemies: Raiko has no allies, except for Mim, to whom she is bound, as Nareetha is bound to Chatengo.

ShadowWake Ay'Erigon

Heretic of Poison and Murder

ShadowWake is an enigma, because S/he is a shapeshifter. His/her true form has never been seen, as it is wrapped in dark shadowy robes, allowing only two glistening silver eyes to peer through the folds of the headpiece. More commonly, however, ShadowWake takes the form of an attractive male or female furre, slightly prefering rodent as his/her form, but s/he can be found in any body. A skilled assassin and poisoner, ShadowWake has been known to stalk prey for years, or centuries, killing and replacing his/her target's family and friends one by one. How s/he chooses his/her targets is known only to him/herself, but to an outsider, the process seems completely random.

Recently, ShadowWake was temporarily sealed by the Archdruid Rivyn. Released back into the world inadvertantly, s/he has returned to power.

Allies/Enemies: ShadowWake associates with Balseraph, and enjoys Erisvan's taste for poisons and vengeance. S/he hates En'narr, but works with him duplicitously.

Kendrick Ay'Dyarr(a)

Heretic of Confusion and Lies

Kendrick, like his master, rarely appears as any particular thing, though he favours the image of a majestic winged creature of stunning beauty and strength, fancying himself the Angel of Discord in such moments. With guises of various other representatives for less offensive deities, he has one of the strongest band of worshippers, cultivated heavily over the millenia of his life. Little is known of him beyond that he was the first chosen by Dyarr(a), to be her champion, and this only sometime within the second age. Extremely ambitious and manipulative, this Heretic strives for ever greater positions of power while his machinations bring Feanor ever closer to the goal of complete anarchy.

Allies/Enemies: Kendrick's true motivations are unclear and his word seldom trusted, but he is known to be despised by Erisvan, and has actively declared his hatred of En'narr. He is known to associate heavily with Mim, Raiko, and ShadowWake prior to his dissapearance. The words of the Prophetess also sit well within his ears.

Erisvan Ay'Greydark

Heretic of Vengeance, Broken Things and Destruction

Erisvan is a Feline with the same set of facial markings worn by her lord Greydark. Her small, yet sinister form is wrapped in a dark ethereal cloak, which covers the tight matte leather which coats her body, as if it were poured on. She a younger Heretic, having anhilliated Morgoth, the previous Heretic, in year 4368 of the Third Age. She took onto herself the unclaimed mantle of vengeance upon her ascenscion, and has lived up to its name since then. Erisvan is a tactician, a cold and calculating femme who enjoys decay and corruption more than base obliteration, though she is not above it.

In the 10th year of the Fourth Age, Erisvan was sealed; imprisoned within the ruins of Castlemare, the imposing fortress of the Deadlands. Unable to return to her physical form until she is released, Erisvan's astral form bides her time within the Citadel of the Heretics.

Allies/Enemies: Erisvan associates with Katrina, Trothfang, and Balseraph, and compared notes with ShadowWake, prior to his dissapearance.

Trothfang Ay'Mirmoggin

Heretic of Bones and Cannibalism

Trothfang is an unassuming slightly oriental-seeming Rodent with grey-black fur and white teeth sharpened to points. His body is sometimes wrapped in chains, to emulate his Dark Prime, though the two could be not much more different. Trothfang was a master chef named T'ang, and his culinary delights were known throughout ancient Taigorr. It wasn't until the authorities started to question the rash of dissapearances near his restauraunt that it was discovered exactly what made his meals so delectable. Recently released from his millennia-long imprisonment in the ruins of Taigorr, Trothfang continues his trade, though there are few who still appreciate his artistry.

Allies/Enemies: Trothfang is alled with Erisvan and Katrina, and his meals have the special adoration of Balseraph. He seens Maldeve as a hanger-on, but with promise.

The Prophetess Sa'Tallus

Heretic of Prophecies and Thieves

She appears in many forms, always female, and usually jarring, as if a mad cubist, or pointillist decided to sculpt a form. The most benign of the Heretics, The Prophetess (also called The Witch, or Tallus's Eyes) rarely leaves the council hall. She alone can speak with her dead lord, and there is a quiet rumor that she actually is Tallus ressurected. The Prophetess can see all possible futures with an uncanny eye, able to discern even minor events and how they relate. It is because of this power that she is given a wide berth by the other Heretics, and frequently asked for counsel, though she rarely tells the whole of what she knows.

Allies/Enemies: The Prophetess has no allies or enemies, and her motives are determined by things only she can see.