Help:Nation Template

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All entries for nations must follow this basic style

Name: Full name of the Nation
Established: Year in which nation was established
Capital City: Capital of the nation
Social Orientation: See below
Government Type: See below
Personalities: List of important folks in the nation
Dominant Religion: See below
Population Makeup: Percentage breakdown of the population of the nation

The Body:


Subheadings, such as Government, Laws, Military, Social


Subheadings as necessary

[[Category:Countries]] [[Category:<main heading on front page>]]



Social orientation describes the general attitude of the populace, and should be linked to the page: Help:Social Orientation. If you add a new one, please also add it to the list on that page.


Government describes how the country is run. It should be linked to the page Help:Government Type. If you have additions, add it there!


In a nation that is mostly Furre, the religion should be some Primes based variant. usually Primes works, but Vincan Church is also appropriate for places where the church has a large footprint. In other lands the [[<racial> Pantheon]] is appropriate.