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This country is ruled by a single leader, usually a King or Queen or Emperor/ess or some similar title that can pass on power to his or her heirs.
Constitutional Monarchy 
As Monarchy, but the ruler's powers are defined by law. These types of governments usually have a parliament or some sort of council (elected or not) that has legislative/judicial powers.
Government by a single person having unlimited power
A type of autocracy in which the rulers control the populace through fear and abuse of power.
A government of the workers. Everyone has a job that they are assigned, and the country acts as a collective rather than individuals. In most cases, rule is by the majority.
A government by the clerics or religious leaders. Religious dogma holds absolute power over the citizens.
The citizens elect representatives to a parliamentary structure. The representatives elect their leaders and rule the country. The leaders are answerable to the representatives (or the people as well).
The citizens directly elect the leaders of their country, these leaders can hold absolute power, but are answerable to the people.
The country is ruled by a council or group of those who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable enough to rule.
A government in which a few people such as a dominant clan or clique have power
A government ruled by an absolute leadership (usually just one dictator) unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social and political factors within the state.