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"Welcome, fair traveller, to the village of Five-Hills-Beside-The-River! No doubt you've come to taste our famous potato and carrot stew. What's that? No? Well, then you've surely come for our mutton pie.. or our fine wines.. or--oh, I'm sorry. We don't get an awful lot of travellers coming by here, that's all. So, you'd like a room for the night, then? It just so happens that we have a couple of cozy furre-sized beds for you. I'll wake you folks up at one o'clock for breakfast and tea. What? You're leaving at sunrise? By Gerin's clover, you people sure are strange. Very well, that'll be only five coppers, then. A pleasure to have your business!"
--Hordan Smallfoot, Halfling Tavernkeeper

The Halflings, so named because of their small stature, are a simple folk. They live in groups of small villages along the countryside, and are mostly concentrated in Austia due to the abundance of rich farmland there--farming is the most common profession among them. They enjoy large meals and long naps. Most Halflings look down upon adventuring because of all the trouble it leads to, and the scary monsters that lurk in the wilderness, but there are always exceptions to this.

Halflings are about two heads shorter than the average furre (though they can eat up to twice as much as one!), and usually have a large girdle due to their exceptional eating habits. They rarely wear shoes or boots, as their feet have natural leather-like soles and a good amount of hair on top. Halflings generally have curly brown hair, and eyes of a light colour.

Because of their small size, Halflings are nimble and quick. They possess a curiosity of just about anything in the world, and this sometimes leads them into a bit of trouble. However, these two traits make them excellent scouts (and thieves). Halflings are certainly not frontline fighters, but they have a reputation as remarkable slingers--ask one to pelt an orc from forty paces away and they'll ask you which eye you want to hit.

Ability Score Modifiers

+2 +2 -2 -2