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[[Image:{{{image name}}}|thumb|160px|center|Greydark's Symbol]]
Affiliation Dark Primes
Deity Level Intermediate Deity
Portfolio Death, Destruction, Vengeance, Hatred
Domains Evil, Destruction, Madness, Darkness
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Paladins Yes
Favored Weapon Murder, a stylized curved longsword

Greydark is one of the least understood of the Dark Primes, partially because he rarely speaks to anyone, but mostly because he is utterly insane. Long before the Primeswar, Greydark was known as Warrith. He and Reegarr were born of the same clutch of eggs, and both appeared Canine in form. The brothers became close confidantes, and it is said they worked on the creation of the Canine Furres together. Over the countless years, Warrith slowly became fascinated with the idea of breaking things; how was it that an object could fall and shatter, but never jump up and come back together on their own. This obsession with increasing entropy and fatality fed Warrith's madness. It was not long after that Warrith left the Primes to live on his own, and scarred his face with his own claws, taking a new name for himself: Greydark. After the Primeswar, Greydark's madness left him for a short while, and as Warrith, he saught reconciliation with his siblings. Sadly, Reegarr rejected his entreaties, and cast Warrith out. The shock of seeing his brother hate him so drove Warrith back to Greydark. Since that time, he has remained conflicted; though Greydark remains the dominant persona, Warrith remains alive within him, and on rare occasion takes over the Prime's actions.

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Greydark appears as a haggard wolf with white fur and three large scars running across his face: One on each side of the muzzle, and one from his scalp to directly between his eyes. He is usually represented with a brooding, malicious grin, and wearing black, baggy 'gothy' clothing with silver acoutrements. Greydark is almost never represented as Warrith, and as far as most traditions go, Warrith is considered wholly subsumed to Greydark.


The Dark Prime of Destruction has a very basic philosophy: "All things will be broken, all things must be broken". Greydark maintains an active, if chaotic priesthood, lead by his Heretic, Erisvan. Greydark's followers are generally disposed toward breaking things randomly, or wreaking havoc and chaos onto innocent lives.

Excerpt from the Holy Text

"..and then i looked into the abyss, and the abyss looked back, laughing, maddening, sickening thoughts of oblivion, of death, of the end of things, and i laughed at it, i saw what it was, why it scared so many but not i, i was not scared, i loved it, i reveled in it and i knew it, it was only for me, yes, me alone to know and understand because the end of all things was not an end, but perfection, balance, true balance, what those fools seek, i have found, bliss, nirvana, heaven, these words are found there, in the abyss, in the dark broken ends of things, ..." - Libram Nullificatum


Greydark's teachings are haphazard and difficult to read. The primary holy text, said to be written by the Prime himself is one long, rambling sentence with little punctuation and no capital letters. To the uninitiated, it is unreadable madness, to the followers of Greydark, its madness feeds their own.


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Greydark was one of the first of the Dark Primes to choose a Heretic; and he chose a wayward hermit known as Raggar, who had been driven to despair because of a severe physical deformity which left him an outcast from his society. He gleefully accepted Greydark's call to wage destruction upon the world that so hated him, becoming the Heretic known as The Morgoth. The Morgoth was killed by a young magical prodigy known as Kitzerina, who ascended to be Erisvan, the new Heretic of Destruction.

Unlike many of the Dark Primes, Greydark works directly through his Heretic, who serves as the high priestess of his cult.