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Within the mountain of Grak'thar is the ancestral home of the Seal Acolytes and the Seal Masters who can trace their ownership of the six surviving Archaic Seals back to the First Age.

In the First Age, magic was a rare and very mysterious art. Even the least powerful mages were much more powerful then then they are now. Above all of the mages ruled the Wizards of Feanor. From where the Wizards appeared, and where they went to is unknown, but it is well known that they tightly controlled when magic was taught, and who it was taught to. The furres of Taigorr were welcoming to the Wizards and their students, the Magi, at first. But when the Wizards vanished, the Magi were driven from the jungles and plains of Ðamzon and Tigath. For nearly 500 years, the south of Calenndor was devoid of Arcane magic. In the early FA 5200's, an alchemical process was defeloped that could distill the dying soul of an Elemental and bind it to a specially crafted crystal. This crystal was called a 'seal', after the mark that was left when such a crystal was 'aligned' to its host furre.

In the year FA5280, the Pillars of Grak'thar were constructed upon the mountain of the same name. These two monoliths were designed for one purpose - to aid in the creation of new seals for Taigorr's war effort. Around the base of the pillars within the mountain, was constructed the City of Grak'thar, the home of the Acolytes of the Seal. Over twenty millennia later, the pillars still stand, and Grak'thar remains the home for Seal Acolytes around Calenndor.

In the intervening millennia between the founding of Grak'thar, and the rise of Aractha to the north, the Seal Masters developed their art. Across Feanor, Seal magic had achieved its golden age - and to satisfy the demand for new seals, the Acolytes constructed hundreds of Pillar complexes. The production of seals took a sinister turn in this time as well. Instead of catching the dying spirit of an elemental naturally, Elementals were rounded up ans sacrificed at the Pillar complexes en masse. During this time, the Archaic Seals, created from the spirits of other planar creatures were also created. This golden age ended abruptly at the beginning of the Second Age of Calenndor. The fall of Taigorr, and the meteoric rise of Aractha led to what was known as the 'Acolyte's Purge'. Summoners and their Elemental kin warred against the Acolytes across Feanor, destroying many of the Towers, and nearly wiping the Acolytes from the face of the world. During the purge, the Pillars of Grak'thar were marred, and the inscriptions (which told the formula for seal creation) were damaged. Those tower complexes that survived were similarly damaged, and consequently, the secrets to creating the seals were lost forever.

In the modern era, seals are no longer made, they are found. On Calenndor, unless you are Tigahrrim and trained at Grak'thar, you must first find a seal, and train yourself to use it. Luckily, seals can be found across Feanor. Though many have been destroyed, or their power has faded over time, there is still a significant number of common seals to be found, especially in the Desert of Death (Tharivol) as well as in arcane magic shops in the Freelands (for an exhorbitant price).