Fourth Age

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The Fourth Age is the current age of Calenndor by Elven reckoning. Its beginning was marked by the defeat of the Lich King's armies, who attacked Ansteorra, by the Heroes of Calenndor. It has been characterized by constant military conflict, particularly the rebellion led by Damien Reelin and the subsequent counter-rebellions, as well as a massive greenskin invasion of the Freelands led by Snarg Beardbane. After the defeat of Damien Reelin's armies by Ansteorran partisans in the year 9, however, there had been peace in the Freelands for the first time in well over a decade.


  • 2 Repairs to Ansteorra City were completed, and the City was rededicated in a major ceremony. The Heretic Erisvan re-appears under mysterious circumstances, having been defeated in TA 4387.
  • 3 The blasphemer Micheru is killed by the Scrollkeeper, fear of the return of the Three Brothers. Erisvan plots destruction of Ansteorra. The City of Towers is overrun by thick vines that cover the city completely. The Swordmasters march to Westernesse, having left before the vines appeared.
  • 4 King Goridona VI abdicates the throne because of his inability to effectively govern the nation. The Queen takes power. The ascenscion of the Queen leads to a large amount of civil strife in the city as noble groups and peasant rabble-rousers clash. A plague of magical trading cards infects the Freelands, centered around Ansteorra. Many mysterious disappearances are reported as well as odd ailments that strike those who come in contact with the cards. Though the plague ended as suddenly as it began, conventional wisdom blames the cards on the Heretic Erisvan and her Harlequine.
  • 5 Erisvan's plans to exterminate the Freelands thwarted by a small group of Ansteorrans.
  • 6 The City of Towers is released from the vines in a tremendous explosion. No survivors have escaped from the city since 4A3. Explorers to the city rarely come back alive, and reports of creatures known as Voidkin inhabiting the city abound. Another Heretic, Pytch is found to have taken control of the City and its magical power for himself.
  • 7-9 Damien Reelin, a notorious revolutionary leads a army of peasants in a massive revolt against the monarchies of the Freelands. Surprisingly, the revolts are successful, as the armies are well equipped and zealous in their mission. The revolt first conquers much of the Kingdoms of Austia, Launcia and Ansteorra, as well as the Duchies of Himo and Tharivol, founding the Kebeyen Republic. Landowners, nobles and the gentry are given the choice to give up their titles and lands or be exiled. Many choose exile, setting up exile governments in the city of Ponce-du-Lac in what remains of the Kingdom of Austia. Damien's war is known as the War of Liberation. Erisvan's armies stream down from Sargothas, destroying the capital of Launcia as well as the city of Scarport, and nearly everything in-between. Rumours abound that the Heretic's rampage was only stopped by another Heretic, Kendrick, and the ensuing battle created the Brandlands. Unable to hold onto their new lands effectively, the Republic falls apart quickly as the Launcians revolt, founding the Holy Launcian Empire and Khâzad-Ankor. A general revolt of the populace against the terribly unpopular governorship of Eryn Mazus in Ansteorra overthrows the Republican rule over the Kingdom. The Queen returns and assumes power, promising governmental reform.
  • 10 The Third Iocan Crusade results in the destruction of Castlemare, the Heretic's dark fortress. Saint Cyan Dee is among the casualties, having sacrificed his life to seal Erisvan's power. Austian armed forces, acting with Tigharrim mercenaries retake some of Austia's southern territory. The Lich King is reportedly destroyed or overthrown. Reports are hazy as to the cause, or the fallout, though there is anectdotal evidence that Rivyn was involved, and was killed in the process.
  • 11 Tensions between the Holy Launcian Empire and Khâzad-Ankor flare up, leading to open revolt in the Dwarven nation. New Scarport is sacked by pirates. News of a new Dread Pirate is rampant in coastal communities. Austian forces continue to battle against the Republic along the border.
  • 12 The Holy Launcian Empire annexes the surface lands of Khâzad-Ankor. Sargothas' regreening begins. Settlers and adventurous types are keen to set up fiefdoms in the once-blighted lands out of Belsamber's Towers.
  • 13 Valanthian mages finally succeed in defeating Pytch, driving him from the City of Towers. Pytch's fate is unknown, but it is generally assumed that he has been sealed in the Void. The City of Towers is heavily damaged, but remains a cursed area, blighted with ancient evil.
  • 17 An undead horde of the Dauthim attack the northernmost fort of the Barony of Baden in Sargothas. There are no reported survivors. The governorship of Scarport is briefly overthrown by an unknown rebel group. Although news of the incident is sparse, the involvement of some Ansteorrans in the Governor's rescue is rumoured. The first Tigahrrim civil war begins. Attacks along the southern borders of Austia and the Republic increase.
  • 18 King Charles VIII declares open war on the Kebeyen Republic. Reichsfuhrer Gutenhassen sides with his ally, and provides troops openly for the cause. Ansteorra remains neutral.
  • The Freeholds are invaded by a Drow army from caves along the northern border. Dwarves from Khazad send their forces to assist their allies in the Freeholds.
  • 21 Twenty-five battlemages go missing on an expedition into the ruins of the City of Towers, which had become progressively more dangerous since the threat was thought to be neutralized. The Valanthian council orders the city sealed.
  • 24 Internal strife in the Kebeyen Republic. Mazus is overthrown by Damien with rumoured help from Ansteorrans. The war between Austia and the Republic ends. Rumours from Valanthas hint at the council buying up huge amounts of spell components to keep the seal on the City of Towers stable.
  • 26 Reichsfuhrer Gutenhassen dies before his second term is completed. The Holy Launcian Empire fractures as the nobles begin to reassert their titles against the strictures of the theocracy.
  • 28 Civil strife in Launcia reaches a head as the new Reichsfuhrer is named. The Republic of Himo declares independance from the Holy Empire. In his first act, the new Reichsfuhrer orders troops to retake the breakaway province.
  • 29 The Dauthim continue to ravage the Sargothan Federation, but by the end of the year, Launcian Paladins arrive to battle the threat. Dark hints of Heretics can be found swirling in the mists of Sargothas.
  • 31 The peace accord between the Republic and Austia is finalized after many years of negotiation. The provinces of old Austia are allowed to vote on their fate two years hence.
  • 32 The Tigahrrim civil war ends. The Queen of Ansteorra dies peacefully in her sleep. She is succeeded by her only son, who becomes King Goridan XI. The new King is very popular with the masses, as well as a notable influence on parliament.
  • 33 4 out of the six provinces of Old Austia vote to secede from the Republic. The two westernmost regions join the Kebeyens. King Charles VIII holds a grand celebration through the streets of Ciest Dalien, the restored capital.
  • 34 Butterburr the Bartender dies under mysterious circumstances in Rainbow Bay.
  • 36 The Launcian Bundestag passes the establishment amendment, stripping direct political power from the Celestine Order. The last remnant of the Holy Launcian Empire is dead. The Launcian Empire is a loose confederation of Kingdoms: Bavurria, Prusse and Ostelich, two Grand Duchies and a host of smaller fiefdoms. The nation of 'Launcia' exists in name only. The Republic of Himo splits amicably from Launcia.
  • 40 King Goridan XI vanishes suddenly without a trace. After a fruitless search, he is declared to be dead.

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