First Colony

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The first city created by the Liberator Damien Reelin, which served as the basis for his war upon the Freelands of Calenndor. It is the very heart of the Kebeyen Republic as it is home to the High Chancellor and the Kebeyen Council. Other strong presences within the Republic also have their base of operations within this compact industrious city as well such as: Blackwatch, The Acolyte's Commune, Rising Phoenix, The Liberation Army, and various religious factions. The city is well protected by magical means, the strong presence of the Republic's military, and extensive natural fortifications inherant in building a city within a valley.

Originally an abandoned military outpost situated within the moutain ranges between Valanthas and Thamrivol it had served in ages past as a fallback in the constant war against the undead until secured by Damien Reelin and his mercantile forces. Houses and shops continued to spring up within the surprisingly verdant land as more and more flocked to the Kebeyen Flag. The city of Ansteorra was intended to serve as the capital of the Republic, however as it became increasingly apparent that the aforementioned city would not fall easily, and with a continuous stream of various individuals flocking towards the fledgling city, it became the heart of the Republic.

Although the suburbs of the city have become relatively dismal with the continued rapid expansion of the city, and an influx of immigrants that employment simply cannot compete with, it is still a symbol of national pride throughout the Republic. Within it's walls lie countless monuments to the War of Liberation and the former High Chancellor Damien Reelin. It was here that the war had started, and the criers now spoke that it was from here true enlightenment would seep forth from, until it encompassed the entirety of the Freelands.