First Age

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  • 1-~2000 Furres live as nomads on the plains and jungles of Calenndor, each species remaining amongst their own kind. At some point, the Elves arrive on the continent, or perhaps, were already here, and were spared much of the destruction.
  • 1-~3500 The first wizards appear among the Furres, traveling from the north, bearing tidings of both Elves and others. Their origin is unknown, but they become great teachers among the tribes, and help to bring the races closer together.
  • ~4000 The first signs of furrish civilization appear in the southern reaches of Calenndor, among the jungles of Dhamzon. For the next few centuries, the cities grow into a thriving series of city-states stretching as far north as the modern city of Tigath. Each city has a marked racial majority, but there are signs of tolerance, even between Felines and Rodents.
  • 4100 Across Feanor, the Wizards vanish, never to be seen again. The students of the Wizards, the Aramagi, cover up the disappearance.
  • 4123 The cover-up is exposed, and the Aramagi are expelled from the Furrish lands. Survivors move north and west toward Westernesse and Sargothas.
  • 4741 Taigorr's Ruler, Mowrtsestra (a Feline), declares himself as the first King of all Furres, even though he only nominally controls the city of Taigorr itself and a few weaker nearby states.
  • 4745 Fearing for their autonomy, other states around Taigorr, who have resisted the call for unification make war against the city in a siege that would be called the Battle of a Hundred Years.
  • 4752 The siege of Taigorr is broken, and the armies of the city sweep out to destroy those that opposed it.
  • 4760 Phrenastri's rule over the southlands is complete, and Taigorr begins its ascent to greatness.
  • 4763 Destruction of Areah by Morgoth, the Heretic of Destruction. Blademasters killed or exiled to the northern tribes.
  • ~4800 The eastern Aramagi found the nation that would one day become Valdor.
  • 5210 Taigorr is ruled by Balachke, who promotes worship of the Dark Prime Peristane. In fact, Balachke is Peristane under a mortal guise, to hide his power from the other Primes. Discontent grows amongst the citizens. Taigorr becomes a repressed police state.
  • 5280 The pillars of Grak'thar are built near the Solitary mountain. City of Taigorr built.
  • 5312 The constant wars fought against the other races of Calenndor begin to wear away at the foundations of Taigorr itself. The Empire collapses into civil war.
  • 5352 Founding of the twin states of Taigorr of the South and Valdor of the North. The Capital of Valdor lies near where Montevello would one day be built. Peace reigns on Calenndor for many years, and this is called the golden Age of Calenndor.
  • ~5750 Eleomyr, an Elven Lord, befriends the Elder Dragon Kragnyyr, who becomes his mentor; the first two-handed blade is forged by Kragnyyr and given to Eleomyr.
  • 6538 The five watchers become confidants of Ar-Galaghke, the King of Taigorr. In fact, the five are Peristane and his sons, in disguise.
  • 6575 The capital of Valdor is razed to the ground, leaving no survivors, to this day, it is said that any city built upon the ruin will be destroyed by evil.
  • 7100 Taigorr falls into decadence and weakness after a succession of weak rulers. Many of the outer cities are swallowed up by the jungles, or lose contact, to pave their own path. Those cities that survive are constantly assaulted by ferals and fell beasts, led by a mysterious evil force.
  • 7267 The last great cities of Taigorr are destroyed by the armies of the Heretics En'narr and Trothfang. Many furres that survive abandon the south and escape north. Some will settle in the areas in the desert of Taigorr, and become the ancestors of the Tigahrrim,others move toward Valdor, and are the ancestors of the freelander furres. Those that emigrated toward Westernesse wereaccepted by the Aramagi, and helped to found Aractha. The Elder Dragons depart from our world.
  • 7345 End of the First Age