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The world of Feanor is characterized by high magic, magnificent adventure, and great evil. Players will find a myriad of options to pick from when customizing their character, and will soon find themselves involved in all manners of amazing deeds; wether they choose to be good, or evil. Within Feanor, the Kingdom of Ansteorra is set within the continent of Calenndor, and this is where the continuity is focused, as well as the dream.

Magic is an important part of Feanor, and infuses everything which the characters interact with. It is not rare to see a grand archmage walk down a simple alley, or a thief use a minor cantrip to confuse his target and steal their jewelry. Others, on the other hand, seem to draw their powers from special magical Seals infused into their bodies... but little is known of this powerful art.

And while magic is what some people choose as a career, there are others who dedicated themselves to the Primes, and draw their power from divine sources. Clerics and Paladins are just as common a sight as are wizards, and have equally participated in deeds both dark and good.

Feanor encompasses many different technological and cultural levels, from Arabia to Zurich. Many real-world cultures are reflected in the distinct regions of the Freelands found on the continent of Calenndor, ranging from the Londonesque city of Ansteorra, to the pious Austro-Prussian Launcia, and Celtic/Mongol/Amerindian tribes of Tigath. Nowhere on Feanor does there exist a direct analogue of Japan, although some cultures draw tangential inspiration from it.

To the west of Calenndor lies the continent of Pirostia, of which little is known to the common folk living in Calenndor. Legends speak of giant beasts that roam the endless plains of the great continent, and cities of endless spires rising into the skies above. There are other, smaller continents as well, such as Hæ'eska.

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