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Joining Information

We've got a few more questions up thanks to the help of others, but I'd still greatly appreciate any e-mailed ( questions. This is due to the fact my attention span in somewhat lacking and I tend to forget things on occasion. [Updated 5/30/08]

Q: Okay. I heard you guys were a dice guild or something. That doesn't cut it for me.

A: While some of our plots and MQs do involve the combat system, which is dice-based, we are not primarily a dice guild. The combat system is really just a guideline for fighting, not much more, when it comes down to it. In fact, if we're not fighting/sparring, we don't use dice much, if at all. If you pick a fight in the tavern, it'll be Freeform. Crack a chair, grab a stein, get drunk, and have at it. Granted if you do, expect proper IC consequences.

Q: I want to apply. What should I do?

A: Well, for starters, take a look at the Continuity Overview page and the Join page. There you'll find the basic version of the continuity (See: Everything you need to know for quite some time) and the information on joining us. You don't have to apply to RP in Ansteorra, but you do if you want to gain membership.

Q: Well, I hate reading, and your continuity is enormous.

A: As mentioned, just take a look at the Continuity Overview page to do as little reading as possible. However, many of the mini-quests and quests have puzzles and intricate plots on them - things that continuity knowledge can help with. If you don't understand something in the continuity, feel free to ask any member a question, and you'll usually get a pretty satisfying reply. The best sources of info are those who wrote the pages themselves.

Q: Numbers scare the hell out of me, do I have to do my character sheet myself?

A: The answer is no. Most anybody in the dream is more than willing to help you out with your character sheet. On a brief side note, when running through the process of character creation, I highly recommend reading the Getting Started section in order. [Edit: The current CS is being revised and hence the CS shall not be used until everything is cleared up. Not to mention that a character sheet is not a requirement. So, Full Freeform ahoy!

Q: The joining form requires a example post - but what exactly do you mean by 'post'? A single message that I've uttered on Furcadia, or a part of a log from a roleplay?

A: Go into Ansteorra, RP, and paste part of the log you made while RPing with a member. If you need help, ask the member you are RPing with and they will be happy to help you. Please, please, please for the love of God don't submit a story about your one-time romance with a Wal-mart shopping cart. Yes, it's happened; we were horrified. The memory shall scar us :forever:.

Q: Can I name my class/race differently than those listed (but make it work the same so as not to complicate things, I just thought a 'warlock' would sound more fun than a mage for me)?

A: The names of the classes aren't always what a member of that class would call themselves. If you have the mage class but call yourself a "warlock", then go for it.

Q: I got an answer from my application, and it says I've been put on 2 weeks probation, what does this mean?

A: What it means is that we generally like your application. If we didn't like it at all, we would have said 'no' outright, and left it at that. Probations are most often awarded out due to a few minor quirks in the application that caught our eye. These can include a lack of attendance, a mediocre application, or a character concept we aren't entirely sure can be RPed properly. At the end of the 2 weeks, the player in question will be notified of their approval or why they were eventually disapproved. On average? If the application is on probation, a single conversation of how to revise it with a senior guild member (1-2+ years experience) is enough to clear it up.

Q: Does it always take the full two weeks to decide?

A: Not always, most of the time applicants take probation as a no and leave, but if the applicant RPs well with others, then it can take less than a week to change the probation to approval. (We mainly want to see if you're willing to stick around.)

Q: Exactly what do you look for in application I sent in?

A: The main thing we look for is the following: decent RP skills. That's what most of it boils down to. Other minor things we look for that'll score you extra points: spelling, grammar, capitalization, absence of 1337speak, attention to continuity, and just little things that'd make somebody like your English teacher smile. Remember; we have to read these, and reading applications for dethlord666 make us cry. Oh! Almost forgot! Try to show some level of quality in your RP within the dream and try to be on as much as possible, especially if you're on probation.

Q: Is there any other way to improve my chances of being accepted?

A: I highly recommend RPing in the dream for a couple days and getting a general idea of how things operate. This is especially true of those who desire a slightly more continuity heavy character such as clerics, mages, and, most of all, Seal acolytes. In this way, sometimes it's better to come into Ansteorra with an untrained character so he/she can then begin delving into their craft before applying. (Hint: Read the magic pages before you take up RPing a spellcaster, especially you mages and acolytes.)

Q: Do I have to have a Character Sheet ready at the time of application?

A: No. You will require one before you can actively attend a mini-quest (MQ) or quest. If you're just the type who likes to RP in dream, then I wouldn't worry about making a character sheet. Still, it's good to have one ready just in case you change your mind. [Edit: As the CS is under revision, quests and events shall be done in Freeform.]

Questions about the Dream

Q: Are there any other areas (in other dreams?) than the city where you carry out RPing in the Feanor continuity? The info in the continuity portal suggests so, but are there? and if so - how to find them... assuming they're on at the moment, as at some times I've noticed Ansteorra dream was not in the place it was usually found?

A: Yes, and no. Most of the time you'll be spending your days within the city of Ansteorra itself, but there are other dreams out there for RP. This are usually reserved for quests. If you just want to visit one of these other areas just talk with the DM's or an official and I'm sure you can visit. As for the Ansteorran dream, we are a chartered guild. If somebody else is in our spot, efforts will be taken to have it moved and the dream placed back online as soon as possible.

Q: Can one encounter NPC monsters to fight with, or are monsters run by players/DM or are there no monsters at all and one can only get to fight other players?

A: You will primarily be fighting the minions of the DM's, yes. Some... are designed specifically to be run away from, so that's my little disclaimer/advice right there. Next, you could fight with another PC at the arena in the form of a spar. If you can manage to snag a DM or DM it to view it, and it's RPed out well, then you can snag a few XP this way. Of course the generosity of the DM on this tends to vary. [Edit: Again, CS is in revision. Spars and such will still be done in Freeform.]

Q: Do items that one can pick up with CTRL+G count for anything?

A: You probably already guessed this, but that'll usually depend if the DM has worked that into the DS of his/her little quest. Other items in the main dream have more noticeable effects. The blue key in the jail cells allows you to open and close the doors (@cellone, @celltwo, etc.) There is also a small blue crystal that you'll see on occasion that allows you to use a few other really spiffy commands. What are those spiffy commands? Beg a taneest to show you.

Continuity/RP Troubles

Q: I'm browsing the Anstepedia, and some of the information seems contradictory. That is, two pages have a different way to calculate something or say different things about the continuity. Which page is correct?

A: The Anstepedia is constantly being updated by staff or other individuals with Anstepedia editing powers. It is also difficult to remember exactly where every instance of information is kept when a change is made. If you see anything like this, please inform staff immediately so we can make sure the Anstepedia is fully updated as it should be.

Q: I'm having a great deal of trouble finding RP in dream, occasionally I'll post something and it'll be ignored, why is this?

A: A slight problem when too many anti-social characters inhabit a dream, is that they don't tend to take to new faces very well. Another possible reason is that two long time members will have an RP in progress about something important involving current plot or personal issues ICly. Even a barkeep can have a love life sometimes. At other times still, the pressures of real life can cause any of the local RPers to just feel... exhausted, depressed, etc. Most of the time, RP can be found in the tavern with either of the bartenders (unless Dirk or whomever is serving is AFK.) I'd also recommend getting to know other new members/applicants as you'll be able to establish ties with them much easier. On a very brief side-note, proper capitalization never hurts either. PS: Posts geared towards actually starting conversation work much better than posts that state your character is sleeping somewhere in sight. If all else fails, we have designated Greeters who specialize in helping new arrivals feel accommodated.

Q: Why is some part of the continuity X? Why isn't that part Y, because it fits better with my character?

A: Your Character must fit into the continuity, not the continuity bent to fit your character. In short: "[Certain continuity points are] a convenient explanation for a convenient circumstance which has very little actual effect .. other than that it makes sense and gives us an excuse to do things the way we want." - Rakuro

For New Members

Q: How do I find out about quests, current happenings, and all that fun stuff?

A: The answer is more obvious than you think. Check out the Current Events section, or the forum ( I particularly stress checking the forums once every couple of days. It is there that most important announcements are made.

Q: What's the policy for RPing with visitors that are slightly out of continuity?

A: RP with them and for IC purposes say they're from a far off land overseas somewhere. Work with it for the benefit of maintaining IC and not resorting to OOC debate. Obviously you have every right to ignore RP from dethlord666 or CyBeRpUnKz0rz, but for those that at least try to fit the medieval theme, they need to be treated as equals. Should they wish to apply for membership, then they may be required to tweak their character to fit continuity. It doesn't matter if they're drow or whatever, RP it ICly. Sometimes the best encounters are some half-dead zombie wandering into the tavern whom isn't being run by a DM. Please do not attempt to enforce dream policy, instead tell a taneest or senior member whom is familiar with the spirit of the law and not just the word of it.