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Preferred method of contact: Forum PM

Character's Full Name: Shayde Julia Averon En'Kiar

Character's Login Name: Shayde En'kiar

Character's Species: Feline

Character's Age: 25

Physical Description: A slightly underweight, middling-height panthress with wavy blue hair to just below her shoulderblades and slanted black eyes. Can often be found with an inkstained apron or a ridiculously thick book under one arm, and bears an air of good cheer and dry humour.

IC Character Strengths: Resilient, dextrous, extremely fast, skilled on a weak level with magic, and good with shortswords-- her weapon of choice. She is quite the artist and illustrator, and of course rather a good mapmaker. She is well versed in travelers' trades-- that is to say, card games, scarhawk riding and rooting out the least flea-infested taverns.

IC Character Weaknesses: Easily persuaded, klutzy at times, mentally repressed to a hazardous degree. Fears thunder. Former alcoholic. Lacks physical strength and height, and is adept only with one kind of weaponry. Gullible and dense despite her intellectual acumen, and a huge prude. Has no talent for anything but Arcane magic and is deeply religious.

Character's History: Born and raised in the Freeholds in a small rural community, Shayde had relatively inauspicious beginnings. After the death of most of her family due to quarantined illness, she and her younger sister were sent to live with their uncle, where she learned the cartography trade. After years of travel and intensive study culminating in the disappearance of her sister, she made her way accross Calenndor to Ansteorra City, where she has resided ever since. She owns a small mapmaking shop and in her spare time runs a double life as an adventurer and sword-for-hire.

Desired IC Position: Cartographer, Head IC Cartographer

Other Notes: Shayde speaks with a low-class, taverndrawlish accent, and has an almost rabid hatred of the Dark Primes and their earthly avatars. Smile

Sample RP Post:

Cepi walks into the tavern with a preoccupied expression. The spindly canine appears to be fiddling with a tear in the by now very worn scarlet cloak about her shoulders. With a destracted wave towards everyone, the lupine drops into a seat.

Fenrorell grins, and says "I think I can share a few..." After a moment, she pauses, and says with a chuckle "I just feel odd telling about myself..." Looking over at Dirk, she says "Think maybe you ought to have this..." She raises the bag. Her eyes carry a gleam of mischief, and she tosses it to him. Looking back at the other two, she says with a wave for Cepi "I guess I could tell you about the pirates...maybe..."

Shayde En'Kiar's poor family cloak is so unloved--Cepi's going to tear it to shreds at that rate! See how far charity goes these days? She nods: "I know what ye mean-- bu' yeh don' 'ave t'tell any more'n yeh want to-- b'sides, n'less yeh murdered orphans fer a livin' or sommin' it shouldn' be too bad." She's somewhat reserved herself about personal tales. "Eyo, Cepi! We're listenin' t'Fen tell stories." She perks at mention of pirates. "I'm listenin', go ahead!" she says eagerly.