Eryn Mazus

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Called Lord Mazus by all but a few, a soldier in the War of Liberation, moving upwards steadily through the ranks until becoming the head of the Phoenix Intelligence Network during the war, and a leading member of the Rising Phoenix. He was installed as Governor of the Ansteorran District after the war, on the belief that his fanatical and oftentimes tyrannical measures would ensure that the most dissentious area in the Republic would be quelled and forced into the new order without further fuss.

Reputedly an excellent spymaster and knifefighter, he served with distinction under Damien Reelin, winning the Battle of Launcia, and finally convincing his leader of the neccesity in retaliating against the strikes of the Holy Orders. Upon the reclamation of Ansteorra, he vowed revenge against the insurgents even while being spirited away to First Colony by The Prophet.

With his return to First Colony and the assumed death of Damien Reelin, Mazus manipulated deftly for the now vacant position of High Chancellor, and has been named such for several years. He formed Blackwatch, while disbanding the P.I.N, an elite division of his former gathering, responsible for the policing of the Kebeyen Republic, and the primary force used against acts of insurrection. He declared a state of emergency after the war, allowing the War Labs to gain precedence over civil benefits from tax money, and imposed laws that have not since been removed despite the lack of any overt hostilities.