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"Yes, we are a proud race, but do we not have just cause? Are we not elves - creatures of most wondrous might? Simply understand that we are what we are and that nothing you can do will change us - then may we become quick friends. But beware: we are a complex race, and the workings of our lives will ever be a mystery to you, our dreams foreign from yours. You will never truly understand us, no matter how hard you try."

--Eronion Marathas, Elven Seer

Agile yet frail, the elves are one of the oldest living races on Calenndor. While humans and furres were learning how to make tools out of stone, the elves were flourishing in their beautiful realms, working with magic as if it were one with them. Immortal to aging, they had all the time in the world - and they used it. Often haughty and 'sympathetic to the lacking of the other races', elves can be arrogant more often than not. Those elves who travel and see the world, however, often lose this mantle of arrogance, as they are able to appreciate all races for their value. Elves are slow to make trustworthy friends, but even slower to forget them. A typical elf's height varies from 4'5" to 5'5", and they generally weigh between 80 and 120 pounds.

After the great, ancient conflict known (to the elves, that is) as the War of Spite in which the dwarves and elves fought bitterly, there was a division in the ancient race. While most returned home to their great kingdom, Westernesse, where they continued to perfect arts both martial and arcane, many felt a close affinity to the forests of what is now the Freelands. There, they built their sylvan realms and befriended the many magical forest creatures.

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While the racial distinction between the surface elves may not be very apparent to outsiders, there are some important differences. The high elves, those who returned to Westernesse, clinged tightly to their traditional ways; their mastery of magic did not diminish with the years. They continued to forge fine weapons and armor for their warriors, such as lances, shields, and their finely balanced greatswords. However, the wood elves, who remained in the densely forested expanses of Calenndor, had little desire to craft great weapons and armor of metal - this is only occasionally done, as wood from the forest must be regretfully burned to heat the forges. They have taken a liking to the bow, and many wood elves have mastered its use from a relatively young age. Wood elves aren’t so much arcane magic users as they are druidic, for they instead draw their power from the forest spirits that surround them. Other than these differences, surface elves are rather similar.

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