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"Aye, I remember the day when the greenies came to attack our great halls. Of course, this was way back, when a goblin was a proper goblin, not like the stringy runts you'd fight today. Anywho, we dwarves fought bravely and fiercely--nothing to the likes of most of you beardlings, I'm wagerin'--and the goblinkin fell under the heavy steel of our hammers and axes. But fer every damned goblin we slew, two more would take his place. Our kinsmen died defending our holds to the last dwarf, and we'll ne'er forget the wrongs the greenskins have heaped upon us. Soon a new High King will once again step forward to lead us to a new Golden Age, and the treachery of our foes will be avenged."
--Gramnor Steelbreaker, Dwarf Veteran

The Dwarves of Calenndor are an ancient race hardened by milennia of bitter warfare. Though usually about a head and a half shorter than the average furre, they are extremely hardy and often nearly as wide as they are tall. Dwarves live in mountain halls with their clansmen, though some have left their ancestral homes to make a living in the cities and towns of other races.

Although the Dwarves have a reputation as being an innovative people (as can be seen with devices such as cannons, ballistas, and crossbows), the vast majority cling tightly to ancestral tradition. Dwarves respect age and wisdom above all else; it is a familiar saying among clansmen that "a Dwarf is only as big as his beard." Because of this, beards are highly prized, and often braided several times and adorned with magnificent jewellery.

The Dwarves are above all a grim and stubborn race. They are generally mistrustful of non-Dwarves, and are by contrast extremely loyal to their kin. Each Dwarf hall is ruled by a King and his Thanes, and each hall is considerably large and able to field an army of several thousand sturdy warriors. Sadly, the Dwarves have been in a state of gradual decline over the many years; yet, in the halls of the mountain folk, Kings speak of the days when every debt will be collected in blood.

Most dwarves on Calenndor live in Khâzad–Ankor, the Dwarven Empire.

Ability Score Modifiers

+2 +2 -2 -2

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