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The capital of the Counties of the Freeholds has recently been the main target of civil unrest since the recent disputes over land and borderlines arose. Dierlan is a relatively large, sprawled-out city in the center of the Freeholds, home as well to the headquarters of the Coalition. Bianually the Meeting of the Councils is held within these walls, whereas every council from every county comes together to debate issues of high political importance.

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Dierlan has a population of around 120,000 furres, 80,000 humans and 28,000 dwarves, with a nearly nonexistent (less than 50 estimated) population of other creatures as well. All live grouped together near the center of the city, with lodgings getting more and more sparse towards the rudimentary city walls. Since there is only one college in Dierlan, and no school of Magic, the mage and scholar population tends to be quite low. The majority of people are in the farming or hard-labor lines of work, with a few full-time merchants and various passerby making up the rest.


Every year the Festival of Liberation is held in celebration of the day the Freeholds gained their freedom from Xanthia. At this time merchants and furres pour in from the surrounding counties and for three days or so the city is covered in the Freehold national colors and festivities abound. This is also the one time of the year that arguments are nearly forgotten and the citizens of Dierlan bond together as a whole. As far as religion goes the city is fairly lenient; Dierlan is a sort of melting pot where all the various religions of the Freeholds may come together and intertwine. Some within the city may even practice a hybrid of the two, as is found to be the occasional case on the borders of the Freehold counties.


Dierlan is most known for its production of some of the world of Feanor's finest laborers and tough-fleshed militant workers, as well as occasional alcohol products made from the reapings of the fields around the city, for it is a city surrounded by farms and sloping hills. Dierlan holds little if any political influence over the rest of Feanor, but its establishment as the center of the Freeholds is irrefutable and it is also the seat of Freeholds religion. There is a Temple of Thelcoda in the south side of the city, built in the recent years and a popular place of worship. It has recently been determined by Feanor's leading plant-specialists that the area around Dierlan is, in fact, the only known location where a certain plant known as Isilde's flower grows naturally. its yellow blossom can be found blossoming amongst the grass around the city in the springtime, when young furres pick copious amounts of them for good luck.