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The Dhamzon (ðam-zön) is a densely-jungled region comprising the southernmost fourth of the continent of Calenndor. It is the site of the ancient Empire of Taigorr and traditionally believed to be one of the first homes of the Furre races on Feanor. In the modern era, the Dhamzon is a far less civilized place.

The jungles of the Dhamzon are alive with uncountable species, many unique to this area of Feanor. Crossed by the Equator, the average yearly temperature in the jungle is a sweltering 80°F (26.7°C), exacerbated by the high humidity of the region. Many poisonous species of reptiles make their homes within the trees, and flesh eating creatues are a constant threat in the waterways and the jungle depths. The natives of this region are highly xenophobic, lending an added danger to an already inhospitable site for visitors.

Peoples of the Jungles

The Dhamzon was once the home to the earliest Furre civilization on Calenndor, but today it is inhabited primarily by barbarian tribes of Furres, Humanoids and Bugges.



The Humanoids of the Dhamzon are distantly related to the greenskins of the Freelands. The jungle provides home to Orc and Goblin barbarian tribes, clustered on islands in the eastern expanse of the Dhamzon. They primarily worship the Prime "Ragurk", father of the orcs and greatest of warlords, whom they regularly go on hunts for to slay beasts in his name. Unlike their northern cousins, the Orcs and Goblins of the Dhamzon are on fairly friendly terms, battles occuring primarily along tribal, not racial lines.


Although the Orcs and Goblins of the Dhamzon are apt artisans and canny river navigators, they virtually all keep weapons handy and are more than willing to fight if such a situation presents itself. Bigger, two-handed blunt weapons are much preferred, since shields are a disadvantage in the dense jungle environment. As they age, their skin hardens and becomes leathery from the exposure to the harsh jungle, making them more difficult to injure.

Ragurk Fanatics

The shaman-chiefs of the Humanoid tribes often christen the bravest and strongest warriors into the Cult of Ragurk. These honoured warriors wield two weapons at a time and fight savagely, howling warcries to their deity while plunging carelessly into the heart of combat. Ragurk Fanatics often travel the Dhamzon by themselves or in small groups, taking down large monsters (or unfortunate adventurers!) as sacrifices.


The default Furcadia continuity's perspective on bugges can be found here: http://www.furcadia.com/roleplay/bugges.html. In case you didn't realize, they're essentially furre ants

In Dhamzon, the bugges are in a more feralized form. They communicate to each other by leaving scents (from various glands) or by close-range, complex dialogue by connecting their antennae. Since the bugges all share the same colonial mentality, which is instinctive, communication is generally only used to relay information.

The worker bugges are small, barely four feet in height. They are very strong, being able to carry several times their own weight, though are not instinctively or physically built for combat. Their duties include taking care of the colony's eggs, transporting food or materials, scouting the surface, and managing the subterranean colonies. If they feel threatened, or sense a prey or predator, they may spray them (via glands located in the throat) with a thick scent that gives a clear signal to the soldier ants: to kill.

Soldier bugges are built for fighting. Their natural exoskeleton is comparable to armour, and provides ample protection while also being rather light in weight. Their weapons (being stone or bronze age at best, however) include spears, shields, and their powerful mandibles. Some of the more frightening bugge colonies, small in number but large in size, are known to inject lethal toxins into their victims through a sting in their abdomen.

The queen bugge is about four times as big as a soldier. Her extremely large abdomen produces a constant supply of eggs, occasionally mating to continue this process. She is located deep within the colony, and essentially never goes to the surface, seldom leaving the 'throne' room. Should the queen die, another female will shortly afterwards take her place. Soldier ants are known to be extremely ferocious when the queen is in danger.

The varying bugge colonies are usually distinguished by differences in physical form and colour. Conflicts between tribes only occur when territorial 'disputes' grow into battles between large numbers of soldier ants. The main predators of the bugges are scarhawks and behemoths, though the greenskins occasionally find themselves raiding their colonies and worker trails.


Behemoths are huge creatures, and are best compared to a giant triceratops. With the exception of certain dragons, they are the largest (natural) creatures ever to walk Feanor, and certainly the heaviest without exception. For a kilometre, the jungle shakes as the behemoth makes its way through the jungle. The snort and howl of the creature is enough to send bugges and orcs running, though the greenskins have been known to use them as massive mounts on occasion.