The Deadlands

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On any map of Calenndor, the Deadlands sits like an dark stain northeast of Sargothas. Such an unnatural color is not coincidental, as it reflects the ash-blackness of that blighted land. The Deadlands were created long before the Elves arrived on the continent of Calenndor. The few existant records of Elven scouts of the First Age indicate that they had been ancient even to the human natives of the area. Legends tell that the Deadlands were created during the Primeswar, when the Dark Prime Greydark unleashed his fury in an effort to slay his brother Reegarr. Although the Prime survived, the Dreamweave in that area was permanently damaged; it was metaphorically burnt to cinders. Traditionally, the Heretics of Greydark have ruled this region from Castlemare on Mount Ebonstar.

The devastated zone stretches over an area larger than the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and much of it sits a few dozen meters below sea level. It is ringed by black, jagged hills on the ocean sides, and only a narrow pass allows entrance or exit. Since the Third Crusade in 4A 10, this area has been closely guarded by paladins from Launcia. Much of the deadlands is comparable to a long-burnt out campfire: a thin layer of black and grey ash spread across the ground. Existant features in the plain consist primarily of oddly-shaped rock formations and shallow acrid salt lakes. These lakes form and dry quickly due to the acidic rains that flood parts of the Deadlands periodically.

Although the area is well within the icy polar regions of Calenndor, the temperature never varies much above or below 10°C. There are no native plants or animals in the Deadlands.