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The Dark Primes are the twisted relatives of the Primes. After the First Primes completed the Dreamweave, The Dragon's sleep created other children to live upon and enjoy the Dreaming. Living an idyllic life, the children of The Dragon wanted for nothing, but eternal life gets boring. The Dragon allowed the Exalted Primes to create companions in their own image. Other Primes created companions as well, applauding the others' success.

Not all of the Primes were so happy. Tallus, the Prime of Prophecy told of a time when these creations would rule all of the Dreamweave. This prophecy was the first seed sewn in the minds of some of the Primes. Jealousy and fear ran rampant among them, hardening their hearts. A few of these Primes created their own companions as well, though their creators' taint was evident in them. They rose up, corrupted and destroyed the great works of the mortals, and plunged the world that they had made into darkness. The Prime Chatengo murdered his love Nareetha, gave unto her a pained re-awakening, and betrayed the other Primes, allowing the now thirteen rebel Primes the ability to imprison the others in a void from which they couldn't escape. Power breeds corruption, and arrogance. Tallus, leader of the thirteen, had forseen a final battle for control of the Dreaming, and spurred on the remaining Primes to assault and enslave The Dragon to their will. A battle, which lasted for millenia, ravaged the Dreaming, as the First Primes awoke to defend the Dreamweave. The rebellious Primes were cast out, and forever marked as the Dark Primes and the imprisoned Light Primes were set free. Tallus, for his part, was killed by the Prime Viverravus, and his body was crafted into the stars by Ahroth, to serve as a warning. The Primeswar marked the end of the Age of the Primes, and by fiat of the Dragon, all of the Primes, and the other Gods agreed to one strict rule, upon Tallus' fate: In the Dreaming, no God or Prime may take direct action against their kin or their companions. This became known as the First Law. The Dark Primes have subverted the intent of the law by raising the Heretics to do their will across the Dreamweave.

The Dark Primes

Lord of Caves, Dark Prime of Frenzy
Lord of Flies, Dark Prime of Loneliness
Lord of Claws, Dark Prime of Slavery
Lady of Disasters, Dark Prime of Gluttony and Lust
Taglinn Tigh 
Lord of Nightmares, Dark Prime of Fear
Lady of Cruelty, Dark Prime of Pain
Lord of Treachery, Dark Prime of Despair
Lady of Death, Dark Prime of Sorrow
Lord of Poisons, Dark Prime of Murder
Lord/Lady of Confusion, Dark Prime of Lies
Lord of Broken Things, Dark Prime of Destruction
Lord of Bones, Dark Prime of All Undead
Once Lord of Prophecies, Once Dark Prime of Thieves