Damien Reelin

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Full Name: Damien Reelin
Date of Birth: July 1, TA 4351
Age: 44 (As of Fourth Age; Year eleven)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Species/Race: Feline
Level: 30
Archetype: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: Grey with blackish markings running through.
Headfur Color: Dark blue.
Family: Kven Reelin (Father, deceased), Emeena Reelin (Mother, only living blood relative), (Sarah Emily Reelin, killed in an Austian riot)
Career: Ex-High Chancellor of the Kebeyen Council, leader of Resistance Forces within Ansteorra, Merchant.

Description: Best known for his role within the War of Liberation as the leader of the Liberation Army. It was his doctrine that spurred the foundations of the Kebeyen Republic, and paved the way for hundreds of thousands of individuals believing in a better life to fight against the strongest nations of the Fourth Age. Upon the succesful conquest of the majority of the Freelands, he was elected High Chancellor of the Kebeyen Council, and was responsible for many of the foreign aid funds given to other nations in a time where disaster was occuring on a Calenndor-wide scale.

Other projects undertaken during the leadership of Damien Reelin include:

Formation of the Kebeyen Republic
Formation of the Kebeyen Council
Formation of the Forty-Nine Districts
Formation of the Thirty-Eight Districts
Tharivolian Terraforming Project
Austian quarantine
Downsizing military budget
Shutting down the War Labs.

Following the War of Conquest, it is widely believed that he was slain in battle by rebel factions. In later years however, it is rumoured with substantial basis to these rumours, that the hero of the Liberation War is in fact still alive.