Dalin Kayde

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Full Name:
Sir Dalin Kayde, Knight-Errant of Ansteorra (Ansteorra)
Seh'ara Dalin Kayde ben-Elias Shel'Zelier Ha'Aviir Meh'Areah (Areah)
Date of Birth: Winter/Fall, Approx. - 4375(?)
Age: Approx. 31(?), Appears Approx. 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155lbs.
Species/Race: Human (Quarter-Elf)
Archetype: Heavy
Eye Color: Hazel (Mostly Green)
Hair Color: Silver
Family: Sage Elias Kayde (adoptive father), Rae'theren Atrayel (bastard father; deceased), Mother (name unknown; deceased)
Career: Tempest-Aviir of Areah, Knight-Errant in service to the court of Ansteorra

Description: Venerated hazel-gray eyes are set on this warrior's tranquil face, bordered by clean locks of light silver hair that drop behind him into a ponytail. His attire is foreign; stylized by contrasts in blacks, whites, and grays. This garb is marked by exotic Celtic design, and an old yet still ornate insignia resides on his black belt. Accompanying this symbol, there is a gray beltpouch, a few coils of chains, and a pair of simple long swords, each blade adorned with an obscure, unusual emblem.

Dalin is a traveller at heart and a warrior in constitution, a fitting result of his tumultuous upbringing. Despite his insatiable wanderlust, however, he remains a particularly reserved and disciplined character. His life is divided between his allegiance to the Queen of Ansteorra, and his service to his homeland in Areah. As such, this division restricts his visits to Ansteorra's capital as short but nonetheless busy excursions.


Born “Kadei Atrayel” to a young slave girl in the Hinterlands, Dalin’s first years were those of bitter violence in the tundra. His mother was a member of the Ephras tribe. This small clan had one year previously been slaughtered and subjugated by the armies of a rival clan's warlord Rae’theren Atrayel, who at the time controlled the majority of the Hinterland's north tundra. This particular girl, by virtue of her half-elven blood, was forced into servitude as a concubine to the brutal Rae’theren so as to bare an heir with a more reputable ancestry than his own. She died shortly after her son’s birth, her name ignored and forgotten.

Dalin became the warlord's favorite prince, and was raised by his harem for two years under the jealous eyes of Rae’theren’s other sons. All the while the warlord built an empire in the tumultuous northern wild-lands. Rae’theren, though, for all of his military experience, suffered the same sort of hubris that ambitious conquerors often do. His overconfidence led him to provoke the ire of the Hall of Areah to the far north, after the kidnapping and murder of one of her nine-man border patrols. This elicited an overwhelming response nearly overnight. In a campaign that lasted only weeks, the Areai crushed the bulk of Rae’theren’s army and sacked the capital city of his tribe. The chieftan escaped, but only barely.

In the aftermath of the city siege, Rae’theren’s close family and royal court, including many of his sons, were put to the sword. However, the Areai sage Elias overseeing the process took pity on young Dalin, then still an infant, and discreetly intervened. By special arrangement with one of the hall’s nursery caretakers, Dalin was secreted into communal care with a number of other infants in the hall, and records were forged for his birth. Sage Elias renamed the infant “Dalin,” from the High Ivrit word "L'Dalot," meaning "to dredge up" or "to raise to the surface." Three years later Elias officially adopted Dalin and became his caretaker, at which point Dalin gained the surname "Kayde," Elias' own.

Much of Dalin’s history was kept as a mystery to him as he was raised, a secret held only by his adoptive father. As he grew and matured, Dalin had been lead to believe he was simply born in Areah and raised with the rest of his kin as a Blademaster. Such secrecy, in effect, was intended for his safety and survival. If the Conclave of Sages were to find that he was not born of Areah even to this day, both he and Sage Elias could be stripped of rank and imprisoned or exiled. Dalin was not told of his tumultuous past until shortly after adolescence. This revelation, though he would never admit it, troubled him greatly. Still, he lived within the hall for many years of his life, quickly advancing through the ranks, proving his prowess on the field, and obtaining the titles of 'Aviir,' 'Seh'arah' and the high honor 'Shel'Zelier.' Eventually, dismay over his origins was the primary influence in his asking for permission to leave Areah for both intermittent and prolonged travel as a means of 'soul-searching.' The request was approved by the conclave by virtue of Dalin's rank and achievements. Officially, Dalin was granted the role of emissary between Areah and the Central Kingdoms – a license that could not have been attained without the help of his father’s clout.

One of his first actions in the world at large was to track down the exiled Rae’theren in southern Sargothas and challenge him to single combat. The former chieftain, by tribal law, was honor bound to accept, despite the fact that Dalin remained a complete stranger to him. On a snowy morning near Xanthia's northern border, Dalin killed his bastard father in cold blood, slitting his throat after beating him to the ground with the broad of his twin long swords. He was never identified as Rae’theren’s son, nor did the Sages of Areah ever learn of his involvement in the warlord’s death.