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[[Image:{{{image name}}}|thumb|160px|center|Dahlsea's Symbol]]
Affiliation Primes
Deity Level Lesser Deity
Portfolio The Seas, Distance, Travel, Horizons
Domains Luck, Protection, Travel
Alignment Neutral
Paladins No
Favored Weapon Mu, a curved dagger

Dahlsea (Dal-see-a) is one of the three Primes that were originally mortals, but were granted the mantle of godhood for their deeds in life. The Furre who ascended to become Dahlsea lived in southeastern Pirostia long before the Elves migrated to Calenndor. Traditionally, Dahlsea is said to have been born as a member of a tribe with a strong seafaring tradition, and she had been trained as a fisher from a young age. During one of her fishing trips with her father and brothers, her boat was caught in a typhoon - leaving her as sole survivor. With nearly supernatural skill, she was able to right her badly damaged boat alone and sail for miles back to shore without sinking.

When she returned to shore, she found her village destroyed by the typhoon. Without a home or family left, Dahlsea repaired her ship and began her travels. The legends tell of Dahlsea sailing single-pawedly around Feanor, never sinking even in the fiercest storm, visiting lands that had not been seen by Furres since the Age of the Primes, and becoming a living legend across the world. Dahlsea passed away while still in her boat; the Primes, so impressed by her feats, allowed her soul to ascend to become the Prime of Travel. Her symbol is a ship's compass.

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Artwork of the Prime depicts her in one of two forms. The most common is that of a female hippocamp with green-blue skin and mane and shimmering silver scales. In this form, she is sometimes seen holding a trident, but that is not her symbol. A less common variant is that of a young female equine with one hoof on a ships rudder till and the other holding a sextant. Known as Dahlsea the Traveler, these statues are often found as part of a ship's shrine for good luck.


Excerpt from the Holy Text

"Furres need to explore their world and see new things. Travel! The world may change overnight while you sleep in your bed, and to miss it would leave you much the less. To see it with your own eyes is to glimpse the great roads of history. " - Sayings of Dhalsea, Page 5.


Dahlsea's clerical order maintains very few permanent temples. As Dahlsea was a traveller, her clerics are as well, never staying in one place for very long. Each cleric carries with them a portable shrine, as well as survival gear. The Prime teaches self-reliance as well as survivalism, and her clerics are well-sought after guides, as well as rangers.

Requirements for Clerics of Dahlsea
Celibacy No Pacifist No Poverty No
Evangelical Yes Required Rituals Yes Charity Yes