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Unlike the real world, whose economy is built upon credit and bizarre arcane rituals involving pork bellies and the Dow Jones (http://www.dowjones.com), the economy of Feanor is based upon the Gold Standard. Gold is uncommon in the Dreaming, though more plentiful than in the real world. However, like the real world, gold is very valuable; most Furres will see little gold in their lifetime. Copper and Silver make up the bulk of the coinage that is used on the continent of Calenndor.

The Silver Piece (SP)

The Silver Piece (SP) is a standard unit of currency, defined such that one SP is exactly equal in value to one Silver Crown of the Kingdom of Ansteorra. Depending on the nation, coinage has varying values.

For example: A Valanthian Guilder is worth 2 SP, though it occupies the same denomination as the Ansteorran Silver Crown, which is only worth 1 SP.

On every nation's description page is an overview of the currency used in that nation and the relative values of that currency in SP.