Counties of the Freeholds

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The Freehold Coalition
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Flag of The Freeholds

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Coat of Arms of The Freeholds

(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: Burn the dead.
Anthem: None
Location of The Freeholds
Capital Dierlan
Largest city Dierlan
Official languages Common
Religion Primes, Human Pantheon
Government Meritocracy
Coalition Crisis
FA 7
 • 4A 11 est.
725,000 (6th)
50% Furre
30% Human
5% Dwarves
15% Others
Currency All foreign currencies
Currently rife with internal civil disputes.


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A nation formed during the aftermath of the Liberation War, in which the Erisvan moved her hordes forth from the land of Sargothas to strike at the people of the Freelands. Formerly of the Duchy of Xanthia, the counties took it upon themselves to become separate of the once proud nation, preferring to nurse their own wounds, and protect their own people, rather than expending their effort for the betterment and protection of the Freelands. Individual counties grew more and more aware of what they had suffered, and how little was being returned to them, furthermore, they realized that they were not the only ones to harbor such sentiments.

During the Coalition Crisis, whole counties abruptly seceded from Xanthia, becoming independent in terms of trade, politics, law, and the variety of other things that constitute an active government, whereupon they formed the Freehold Coalition to protect their newly won freedom. Xanthia, crippled as it was by the Destroyer's assault, was unable to hinder this process, and could only watch in dismay as more and more land was taken up by these ideals, though after a time, they were able to retain what remained of their nation by militaristic force and various forms of propaganda.

Recently, old jealousies and squabbles have surfaces throughout these previously unified locales, and bards speak of border conflicts occurring already, as the respective sheriffs debate the boundaries of their counties. As a nation of warriors, the fear that they might once again band together in defense of their land should an enemy present itself, is the only reason no counties have yet been approached by foreign armies, yet daily that unity fades.

Social life

The normal activities of the people within the Coalition are all relatively mundane, lacking in many of the same magic that seem predominant throughout the rest of the Freelands, though they constantly keep an eye upon the border of Sargothas, for fear of another attack out of those deserts by the undead hordes dormant within. Raids upon neighboring counties are common, however death is not. Each county elects a sheriff to lead them, and serve the function of diplomat when conversing with other powers. These individuals serve for life, providing they consistently work for the betterment of the people, candidates are chosen from among those who have excelled within the county, whether that be in conflict, or monetary gains.


The counties of the Freeholds are divided amongst an agrarian people. The counties are run each by a quintumvirate of sheriffs, comprised of three furres, two humans and a dwarf (due to their respective population sizes in the entirety of the Freeholds). Because of the constant tension between the counties these quintumvirates are in charge of assuaging and managing their respective counties. They meet biannually in Dierlan city, the capital city in the center county by the same name, to discuss affairs of politics and intercounty relations and import/export. Every time one dies a councilmember is replaced with one of the same kind (IE furres with furres, humans with humans) by majority vote.

Imports and Exports

Scarhawks are a primary import, as the birds are not native to the region, and internecine border skirmishes have a tendency to deplete their numbers. Other imports include ores and metals to support the nation’s needs and on a minor scale cloth and magical ingredients from the Magocracy of Valanthas. The Counties do not have much in the way of exportable products, though towns near the border with the Holy Launcian Empire do trade in foodstuffs.


The occupants of the Freeholds tend to live a farming lifestyle (the vast majority, at least) while surrounding a few main cities in the center counties, with smaller capitals in each respective county. Education exists, though it is largely militant and not so much mental or magical unless one is able to afford a tutor. While not poor, they are merely comfortably off and there is little nobility or extreme wealth amongst them.


Even though, amongst the Furres the Vincan Church is the primary religious tradition, they hold a special reverence for Thelcoda, Prime of sunlight and fire, which form the two main bases of their faith tradition. Funeral rites in the Freeholds require that all dead be burned in a custom much like that of Xanthia, hence the country’s motto, to avoid unwanted, er, arising. Counties in the center tend to be more rigid about religion, whilst those on the outskirts (especially to the east) are less so. Each county may additionally have its own personal Prime or goddess to worship, though all accept Thelcoda's supremacy as a matron goddess.