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The World (As You Know It)

Your basic Renaissance-England type country, and the site of the dream! The OOC language spoken here is Common, and the country is run by a monarchy with a parliament.
This is the country to the south of Ansteorra; they are currently being occupied in the north by the Kebeyen Republic, and the country itself is very poor. The majority of the population are farmers and laborers of all kinds. The King is currently Charles VII. Ciest Dalien is a city of major artistic influence, and the King resides in Ponce Du Lac, the capital. The OOC language spoken is French (Austian).
Holy Launcian Empire 
This country is east of Ansteorra. Due to recent politics, Launcia has absorbed most of what were formerly dwarven lands. They are ruled by a theocracy, and the current Pope is Pope Honorius XVI. They are a very strictly religious country and worship the Primes – the Vincan Pantheon, that is. The OOC language spoken there is German (Launcian).
A very agrarian, calm, peaceful country to the very north, the Freeholds are broken into counties, with individual ruling bodies for each one. It's a scenic place, though the people there live in fear of attacks by the dead from the north. There is almost no nobility or gentry and almost 90 percent of the people living there are farmers. The capital, Dierlan, is really the only heavily populated area of the country. The OOC language spoken is English (Common).
This is just north of Ansteorra. It’s a Magocracy, which means it’s run by a Council of Mages – Archmagess Kitzibeth is one of these. The country itself is filled with magical colleges and schools alike, and the new capital is Arkeen. The former capital, the City of Towers, was destroyed when the Heretic Pytch inhabited it. The OOC language spoken there is Common.
This country is to the north of Ansteorra, and is constantly being attacked by the undead – it’s very cold, as it’s above the snow line, almost as far north as Sargothas. It's kind of clannish in feeling, and the Duke of Xanthia is (and will probably always be) Rivyn Volvagia. It has a strong military and to outsiders it seems a harsh and unforgiving land. The OOC language spoken is English (Common).
Kebeyen Republic 
The Kebeyen Republic is currently ruled by Eryn Mazus via the Kebeyen Council, however it was originally formed as an ideological socialist nation-state by Damien Reelin in what would later be called the War of Liberation. Though defeated in Launcia and Ansteorra as a result of Erisvan's crusade out of Sargothas, they have managed to establish holdings in Austia, Tharivol, and the western edge of Ansteorra. The primary language is Common (English)
To the south of Austia, is the Tigath. A female-dominated clan-like society, they are known for their fiery tempers and for the many seal acolytes among their populace. There is a monsoon season which sweeps the country each year, when even the Tigahrrim (the peoples of Tigath) abandon the eastern shoreline.
The Dhamzon jungle is far to the south of the continent. A dark and mysterious place, it is rumoured to hold the ruins of long-forgotten civilizations holding secrets best left long-forgotten.

People You Should Know

Butterburr the Bartender
The former owner of the Broken Dagger (now deceased.)
Dirk Felis
Current owner of the Broken Dagger tavern. Most of the time he's friendly and approachable, eager to serve drinks, relax, and whittle away the hours over a hot beverage. Occasionally he slips into a fit of paranoia, ready to lash out at anything that even looks out of the ordinary; a side-effect of a long adventuring career.
Shayde Averon
Owner of "Averon Cartography and Courier Service," also known by the surname En'Kiar. Taking a trip? Need a map or a message passed? Contact Shay! [More to be added]
Alouette En'Fleur
The head of the Mage's Guild in Ansteorra. Alouette speaks with a heavy Austian accent, and is very prim and proper when it comes to matters of magic and politics.
The former head of the Mage's Guild in Ansteorra, and now an Archmagess to the Council of Valanthas.
Ruby Pyralis
An easily recognized demoness that is a member of the Day Guard but is known mostly for her role as executioner.
Ursula Phardis
Ursula is the head of the Cleric's Guild, and a sister of Aristaya. She's a very holy femme indeed, often seen blessing the sick or misguided of Ansteorra City.
Damien Reelin
Believed to be killed in the final days of the War of Conquest, he was proclaimed Liberator of the Freelands by many during the War of Liberation, he is the founder of the Kebeyen Republic, and was elected the first High Chancellor of the Kebeyen Council.
Pope Honorius XVI
The current Pope of the Vincan Church.
Charles VII
The old and hotheaded King of Austia.