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The purpose of this page is to familiarize new members with a basic (and we do mean basic!) overview of the most important recent events in the continuity's history. Truth be told, there's FAR too much to sift through on the Anstepedia, so we created this page to at least point out the major events that should have at some level influenced the life of your character.


Third Age (TA) 4387
An order of Iocan Paladins of Pirostia launches a great crusade against a new Heretic of Destruction, Erisvan, who is believed to have overthrown her predecessor nearly two decades earlier. The crusade is an utter failure, leading to the death of the entire force, save one, who manages to defeat the Heretic. The sole survivor becomes known as Saint Cyan Dee Lo'Iocus.

TA 4388-91
The last years of the Third Age of Calenndor. In this dark time, the Lich King, greatest of the undead masters of Sargothas, along with Thelmin Waterpasser conspire to re-create the Demon Gate, an ancient artifact of extreme power. Two thousand years earlier, the Lich King had used the power of the Demon Gate to attack Calenndor with his undead hordes, destroying the Empire of Aractha, the States of Montevello many other nations, and depopulating the Freelands by about 70% before being routed by the Tigahrrim and defeated by the great Archdruid Rivyn.

In the last year of the Third Age, The Heroes of Calenndor defeated Thelmin and destroyed the Demon Gate permanently, but not before the Lich King's Armies had overrun Grimhold and laid seige to the City of Towers and the City of Ansteorra. Without the Demon Gate's power, the Lich King's power was broken, and he was forced to retreat to his citadel of Sar-Sargothas. In light of this tremendous victory, it was declared that a new Age had dawned across Calenndor.

Fourth Age (4A) 2
Repairs to the City of Ansteorra were completed, and the City was rededicated in a major ceremony. The Heretic Erisvan re-appears under mysterious circumstances, having been defeated in TA 4387.

4A 3
The City of Towers is sealed off by a strange growth of vines. The source is unknown, and repeated attempts to contact anyone in the City fail. The Swordmasters depart the city and march to Westernesse, having left before the vines appeared.

4A 4
King Goridona VI abdicates the throne because of his inability to effectively govern the nation. The Queen takes power. The ascenscion of the Queen leads to a large amount of civil strife in the city as noble groups and peasant rabble rousers clash.

A plague of magical trading cards infects the Freelands, centered around Ansteorra. Many mysterious disappearances are reported as well as odd ailments that strike those who come in contact with the cards. Though the plague ended as suddenly as it began, conventional wisdom blames the cards on Erisvan and her Harlequine.

4A 6
The City of Towers is destroyed in a tremendous explosion, with no known survivors. Official reports indicate that a tremendous magical storm, centered on the city is responsible for the devastation. Explorers to the city rarely come back alive, and reports of creatures known as Voidkin inhabiting the city abound. Another Heretic, Pytch is found to have taken control of the City and its magical pwer for himself.

4A 7
Damien Reelin, a notorious revolutionary leads a army of peasants in a massive revolt against the monarchies of the Freelands. Surprisingly, the revolts are successful, as the armies are well equipped and zealous in their mission. The revolt first conquers much of the Kingdoms of Austia, Launcia and Ansteorra, as well as the Duchies of Himo and Tharivol, founding the Kebeyen Republic. Landowners, nobles and the gentry are given the choice to give up their titles and lands or be exiled. Many choose exile, setting up exile governments in the city of Ponce-du-Lac in what remains of the Kingdom of Austia. Damien's war is known as the War of Liberation.

Erisvan's armies stream down from Sargothas, destroying the capital of Launcia as well as the city of Scarport, leaving destruction in their wake. Rumours abound that the Heretic's rampage was only stopped by another, Kendrick, and the ensuing battle created the Brandlands.

Unable to hold onto their new lands effectively, the Republic falls apart quickly as the Launcians revolt, founding the Holy Launcian Empire and Khâzad-Ankor.

4A 9
A general revolt of the populace against the terribly unpopular governorship of Eryn Mazus in Ansteorra overthrows the Republican rule over the Kingdom. The Queen returns and assumes power, promising governmental reform.

4A 10
The second crusade against Erisvan results in the destruction of Ebonstar Mountain, the Heretic's dark fortress. Saint Cyan Dee is among the casualties, having sacrificed his life to seal Erisvan's power.

Austian armed forces, acting with Tigharrim mercenaries retake some of Austia's southern territory.

The Lich King is reportedly destroyed or overthrown. Reports are hazy as to the cause, or the fallout, though there is anectdotal evidence that Rivyn was involved, and was killed in the process.

4A 11
Tensions between the Holy Launcian Empire and Khâzad-Ankor flare up, leading to open revolt in the Dwarven nation.

New Scarport is sacked by pirates. News of a new Dread Pirate is rampant in coastal communities.

Austian forces continue to battle against the Republic along the border.

4A 12
The Holy Launcian Empire annexes the surface lands of Khâzad-Ankor.

Sargothas' regreening begins. Settlers and adventurous types are keen to set up fiefdoms in the once-blighted lans out of Belsamber's Towers.

4A 13
Valanthian mages finally succeed in defeating Pytch, driving him and the Voidkin from the City of Towers. Pytch's fate is unknown, but it is generally assumed that he has been sealed in the Void.

The Region

Ansteorra sits on the crescent lake, almost in the center of the continent of Calenndor, and borders four other countries: Launcia to the East, The Republic to the West, Austia to the South, and Valanthas to the North. Launcia is a country of miners, dwarves, and it has a very germanic feel. Tharivol is a gigantic desert bounded by mountains. Austia is a land of forests and farms. Valanthas, also called Valanthia, is the center of Magic on this continent, and the City of Towers is renowned for it's learnedness. North of Valanthas is Xanthia, where the Mighty fort of Grimhold once kept the undead armies of Sargothas at bay.


The Primes are tangible and real, and are worshipped as gods. Even if your character is areligious, it's very hard to deny the existence of the Primes, though it isn't unknown. There are also other Gods, such as Corellon, the god of the Elves, and Kagyar and Weedlenose, gods of the Dwarves. The Gods and the Primes are forbidden to interact with the mortal world in person, though they can manifest their powers in temples and in the dreams of mortals.

Life in Ansteorra

Ansteorra is a large, bustling city of approximately 600 thousand furres, elves and dwarves. The Kingdom itself is a fairly large swath of land stretching around the Crescent Sea, bordering the Republic, Valanthas, Xanthia, Austia and Launcia. The dream represents the central district of the city, the Castle District, which sits high atop a plateau that juts out into the Sea. Inside the district, one can find most of the high class establishments: the Hall of Justice, the Mage's guild, A hospital, cathedral and graveyard, the Ranger's guild-tree, and a tavern, the "Broken Dagger" run by John Butterburr. Interestingly enough, the Castle District lacks an actual Castle, as the City's keep was destroyed in the War of Liberation.

Other districts of the city include (among others): Tumbledown, a ramshackle gang-infested slum that sits around the northwest of the city under the plateau; Goldside, an upscale neighborhood near the Castle District where most of the city's noble mansions are; The Docks, a slum area built up around the City's docks along the Crescent Sea; The Merchant's Quarter, a haven for shops and shoppers, merchants and traders, legal and illegal.

Important People

Quick reference of in/famous names that anybody passing through the region would know about.

Damien Reelin - Known to many as the Liberator, and to others as the furre that had declared war on the majority of the Freelands early on into the Fourth Age. Presumed dead for a great deal of time following the War of Conquest, rumours persist regarding his continued existence. Whatever his current state of being however, he was considered to be almost a paragon of virtue for many, and by others considered at least a wise and benevolent leader during his brief role as High Chancellor of the Kebeyen Republic. He is described as a feline of middling age, rather unremarkable save for bearing several seals upon his right arm.

Rakuro Daregh - Though decidedly introverted as to the nature of his work, Rakuro is arguably one of the most well-known spellcasters in the kingdom. Eccentric to a fault, this towering wolfen creature is rumored to have once been among the highest-ranking battlemages in the Ansteorran Mages' Guild at one time in the past. However, though he is occasionally seen conversing with the Grandmistress of the Guild, he has distanced himself from the organization after the retaking of Ansteorra for reasons unknown. After giving over the control of the Merchant sector within Ansteorra to the fox Roan Shakat, the wolfkin's business has become his own secret.

Rivyn - Rivyn was born somewhere near the middle of the Second Age, and is well over twelve thousand years old. He is a Druid, and his beliefs temper him. Rivyn is more content these days to dally in and protect the northern forests of Xanthia with his army of golems than wreak havoc as lesser vampires would do. He is related to the Demon Volvagia, who has since been destroyed.

Zagnafein Silverleaf - Zagnafein is young, as elves go, not nearly 2 centuries old. He is the leader of the Royal Ranger's guild, and is a renouned slayer of the undead. Last year he was killed by Rex Fenris, and raised by the Heretic Erisvan as one of her servants. With help, he was reunited with his soul, and escaped her clutches. However, he has been dogged by her minions ever since.

Kitzibeth- The former headmistress of the Ansteorran Mage's Guild, Kitzerina Elizabeth "Kitzibeth" Ti'Khurðan-Skyree is now a prominent member of the Council of Valanthas, working toward the rebuilding of the City of Towers. She is an intense and fiery Archmagess, quick to anger, but just as likely to forget an offense. Rumour has it that she is descended from the Aramágî, and her talent with the magics of flame does nothing to dispel this.

Solinox Avelhar - The former Lord Commander of Ansteorra, Baron Solinox Avelhar is a member of the Queen's court. With a reputation as a great strategist and keen military reformer, as well as an in-the-fray adventurer who partook in the battles that he commanded, he is an icon amongst many soldiers. After serving as the Royal Ambassador to Westernesse, the elf has returned to the kingdom, ready for adventure once more.

Kele-De - Seal Mistress of the Mind Seal, Kele-De came to Ansteorra years ago to complete her training and learn more of the world she lived in. Though she remains Tigahrrim to the core, she is worldly-wise and does not suffer fools. Recently traumatized by her encounter with the Kaortic beings and the near-death of her mentor, Bryanna Dh'oul, Kele-De has only recently returned to the city she considers her second home.

Ruby Pyralis - The Executioner of Ansteorra whose origins are unknown. She is easily identified, being perhaps the only winged demoness in the entire city whose features are graced with other demonic qualities. She is known to have a short temper and fighting prowess which she will not hesitate to use. Though she will rarely break any laws while inside the boundaries of the city, her behavior once outside the guards' grasp is questionable.

Dalin Kayde - A Blademaster of Areah, Dalin came to Ansteorra a number of years ago as part of his world travels. After proving his worth to the Ansteorran court, he garnered the position of Knight-Errant, and now serves as a direct agent to the queen. Though his priorities still lie with his homeland in the Northern Tundra, Dalin has proven himself invaluable to the kingdom and court for his martial prowess and level head.

Godric Sa'Larión Ti'Vannis - Lord Commander of Ansteorra.

Landmarks of Ansteorra

Quick reference on the history of all Ansteorran buildings

Places of Employment:

The Broken Dagger - Run by burly, middle aged sailor by the name of Butterburr, seeking out a job here shall generally fall upon the merit of the individual... or a good word from the other fellow behind the counter, a whimsical cheetah by the name of Dirk Felis. Serving the best wines and alcohol of any bar within the Freelands. One might begin to wonder how such an unremarkable place could arrive with such a wide stock and rumors vary from an elaborate stillery a mile under the floorboards, to regular theft from merchant ships, to a smuggling ring in Pirostia, but then again rumors rarely hold their own weight.

Bounty Hunting/Adventuring etc. - Plainly posted anywhere throughout the city of Ansteorra, though primarily about the canopy and Merchant's square, are any number of oddjobs that require doing.

Merchant shops - It is rare to try and snag a job amongst these aristocrats. The first step is to find a merchant who is actually hiring, and then convincing them that one is trust worthy enough to even warrant hiring. It's not exactly as though they can afford to have the workforce looting their shelves when their backs have turned.

The Clerics Guild - For those who would seek a higher path, the clerics guild can be the end all for any troubles a paladin or priest might have in terms of food, room, board, and equipment. The cloth takes care of their own, but then again donation money only affords so much. Of course the average adventurer might be able to seek out temporary lodging, and if he looks hard enough maybe even a few oddjobs.

Assorted Locations

The Hospital- A welcome sight to the sick, dying, injured, and otherwise physically impaired. The cleric's guild itself stands out as a beacon not far from the docks. The upper level holds the various salves, bunks, bandages, and other assorted necessities for tending the sick who have either yet to obtain treatment by the actual clerics, or are beyond the powers of such blessed individuals. The main floor is strictly a waiting area for those seeking treatment or who wish to take up the cloth. Taking a step down the staircase shall lead those looking into the living quarters of paladins and clerics alike. T

The Collegium Magica- Towering high above the road which leads through Ansteorra, the Mages' Guild is a center of learning and magic. Three stories tall and one deep, the Guild boasts a literal horde of books which lie stacked on nearly every wall in a myriad of bookshelves, interspersed with scrolls, parchments and potions. While the first floor is rather bare but for a scattering of books and a desk, the basement contains most of the many tomes, stacked close together with only a few spaces left open for a very few chairs and tables for study. This library is continued on the second floor, along with a larger table for study and desks open for students to work on their various assignments, leaving the third floor exclusively to apprentice dormitories. Attached via a door on the first floor is the classroom, which contains even more books and an environment specifically tailored to teaching all manner of subjects; not just wizardry.