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Ciest Dalien


290,000 Furres, 100,000 humans, and 15,000 other creatures inhabit Ciest Dalien. The three main districts of Rouge, Jaune and Bleu are each thickly populated, and each district is divided from the next by three large roads leading to the circle in the center of the city, called the Cercle de Fierte. The outer walls of Ciest Dalien are not populated, as they are being re-constructed still since their demolition.


Before being recently assimilated into the Kebeyen Republic, this city was part of Old Austia. As such, its customs and culture are very Austian (French) in manner. The Ciestans seem to be split in two: half have a distinct pride in their city and their old traditions, whilst the younger half seem open to change and ready for any new idea that might come forth. The people of Ciest Dalien dislike Damien Reelin, the leader of the Liberation Army, with a profound hatred, and anything to do with the War is frowned upon in the city. Rumors of him still being alive are vehemently opposed by all, and nearly all their current labor is being put into re-forming the walls that were torn down years ago. Ciest Dalien is a metropolitan’s paradise. It is a city of mediocre wealth, where ideas are formed but never quite make it from that stage. Fads come and go through the city like wildfire, and it is considered the height of scientific and mathematical learning, not to mention the fashions of Feanor. It has long been renowned for being inhabited by scholarly types, but lacks much by way of religious or magical prowess. It has become part of the Kebeyen Republic after being destroyed by the Liberation Army in 4A 7, and seems to have done better than its larger counterpart, First Colony. Fashion in Ciest Dalien is one of its many highlights, and why so many artists and young people are drawn to love the city. It is not uncommon, when walking the streets, to see a heavily tattoed human or a furre adorned with more silk than they can handle. The members of the city who eagerly take part in such fads are often referred to as 'Heel Chasers' by the older Ciestans. Art, another major highlight, is apparent in the many statues, public fountains and decorations adorning the city's streets, put there by past monarchs with a love for the arts. Some in recent years have been taken down due to their destruction at Liberation force hands, but many still remain to be admired today.


Constructed by Prince Borgholt, the Ciest Dalien Center of Trade is a popular building towards the center of the city. Imports and exports run through every day, where they are then sent all over Feanor. Ciest Dalien is also home to Feanor’s only College of Science and Mathematics, headed by Discipulis Na’Ferran. Ciest Dalien’s third noteworthy accomplishment is the establishment of the “Festival of Lights”, held every year in honor of the death of Alurin Catsby, one of the original patrons of arts and music in Ciest Dalien. On this day the ‘Ciestans’ (A slang term for the city’s occupants) flock to the Fontaine de Rayonnment, the ‘Fountain of Radiance’, one of the few things not destroyed by the Liberation Army. Once there, the people release white paper boats into the fountain with wishes written inside; it is thought that the wishes come true if they do not sink by morningtime.

The main road leading south into Ciest Dalien is called 'La Route de l'Artiste', which means 'The Artist's Road'. In the early mornings before it is too hot out, all kinds of painters and sculptors can be seen hard at work along this road, and perhaps commissioned if paid the right sort of money.


Ciestans worship the Primes... for the most part. Despite its seeming resilience to any new religious ideas, the city has been known for its informal religious disputes, causing several alterations of the basic Primal religion to be practiced around the city. There are, surprisingly, no well-known temples or churches within the city's bounds, though a few can be found scattered about.


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