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"Well, well. You've found our subterranean fortress! No, no, I'm afraid you're mistaken. These aren't your average sewer pipes. This, my friend, is our secret lair! So, what news from the surface? Are people still busy up there? Hmm. Might be a good time to rob the bakery. What do you mean, take his gold? We're only after the cheese. Hmph. You manlings are always suspicious, aren't you? Why are you here, anyway? What? I'm supposed to be down here, this is my home!"
--Snari Shadowtail, sewer dweller

Rodents consist of mice, rats, and other similar furres. They are generally similar in appearance: they are short, moreso than dwarves, and have long tails (whether they be long and thin or upright and bushy). Their incisors are longer than the rest of their teeth, giving them the ability to cut through ropes and other materials with ease. They move particularly fast on all fours, and are able to move with great agility like this.

Mice and rats prefer to live in dark places, such as sewers, and usually feed off of the remains of disposed or dropped food (however, they'll always go for some fresh cheese!).

Rodents generally have larger ears than the other furre races, and speak in squeaky, treble voices. They possess a curiosity that often proves to be too much for their own good.

Ability Score Modifiers

-2 +2

Well-known Rodents