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The number of items that you can carry is theoretically infinite. However, a character's body can only stand to hold so much active on their person. Too many powerful items has a decidedly negative effect on the person holding them. Every character has an item bonus (commonly called IB) equal to half their Level. This number is not rounded, because you can have items whose bonuses are half-points. Any item that caries a magical enchantment or non-magical enhancement bonus has an IB greater than zero.

Total IB for Levels 1-20
LevelItem BonusLevelItem Bonus
1 ½ 11 5 ½
2 1 12 6
3 1 ½ 13 6 ½
4 2 14 7
5 2 ½ 15 7 ½
6 3 16 8
7 3 ½ 17 8 ½
8 4 18 9
9 4 ½ 19 9 ½
10 5 20 10

If you have a total item bonus equal to or less than this number, you are alright. However, if you go over this number, bad things happen. For every half point above your Item Bonus, you lose 1 Constitution until you remove that item. If this changes your Constitution Modifier, then you must adjust your HP accordingly. The loss is temporary as long as the item(s) are equipped. Note that only equipping items on yourself has this effect; storing them in a pouch or bag do not count towards this bonus.

Determining Item Bonus

Items that have a bonus of some sort, either +To Hit or +Damage or +Ability Score have an IB. Below, there is a table showing how much item bonus is given to an item for a particular ability. The list is comprehensive, but not complete. Certain special items will have to be given bonuses by the DM.

There are -no- items that reduce To Hit/Damage and give bonuses to CR, or lower CR to give bonuses to To Hit/Damage. The reason is to prevent Mages and Melee classes from gaining disproportionately powerful items.
Enchantment Item Bonus
+n to AC and MR 1 +n
+n To Hit (only) n
+n To Damage (only) n
+n To Hit and Damage +n
+n To CR +n
+10 HP +1
+1 Attack or Prep/Round +3
+1 Attack or Prep/Day +1
+n To an Ability Score n
+n Dice (e.g. d8 -> d(8+n)) n
+n Specialty Power 2 + variable
-n Ability Score 3 n
-n Anything Else 3 -n
  1. Mage's robes have an item bonus equal to -half- the MR bonus of the robe.
  2. Specialty powers mimic skills. The IB is usually +1 per level of the skill.
  3. Minuses cannot be used to drop an item bonus to below the worth of the item. i.e. No +12 Dex, -3 AC, -3 MR items. That have an item bonus of 0. Since this item gives +3 AC, it is still considered to have an item bonus of +1.5, more if it counts towards the ThD bonus.