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Welcome to the Limitless Magic System v. 3.0, I hope that you enjoy it.

In Ansteorra, all magic use is done with Preps. A prep represents the amount of magical power that a spellcaster can manipulate on his or her turn. Spellcasters acquire preps every turn, the number of which is dependant on the Level of the caster, the higher level the caster is, the more preps per turn. If you can prep more than one prep per round, you are Multiprepping. If you are holding your preps from round to round, you are Spell Powering. Remember these terms!

Magic is a complex business, both IC and OOC. Within the bounds of this magic system, there are limitless possibilities available to a caster. This may seem a lot, and it is. So, we're going to scare you right off the bat with what we call the Limitless Magic System.

The Limitess Magic System is a nice, and easy way to conjure up anything that your mind desires. For most Freeform players this is a godsend, because they are used to being able to do most anything with magic. For those of us who require a little more sanity, this page will provide easy to understand tables of common spell effects! We aim to please.

Important Terms

There are two terms that you must be aware of, before we foray any further into the world of magic. They are Challenge Roll (CR) and Basic Challenge Rating (BCR). These two ideas are the cornerstone of a successful caster's career. For a successful spell to be cast, your Challenge Roll (CR) has to equal or beat the BCR of the spell. If you spend more preps on a spell, the BCR of the spell is reduced!

Preps Over BCR Reduced by
1 2
2 3
3 4
4+ 5

Spell Duration

Unless noted otherwise all spells except for evocation spells last for as many turns as there are preps put into them.


Without special skills, you can only cast one spell each round.


In order to counter another caster's spell, a character must satisfy two requirements:

  1. The character must have the school of the spell being counterspelled.
  2. The character must have at least the same number of preps stored on that turn as the caster.

When a spell is counterspelled, it is treated as a reflexive action, i.e. the character doing the counterspelling takes his turn instantly after the caster's spell goes off. A character gains the benefit of prepping for that turn as if they'd had the full round to prep. If a character has a reflexive skill, then they do not have to pre-prep the counterspell, and can cast it as a reflexive spell (if they have the correct number of preps). (See here for examples.)

The roll to counterspell is:

1d30 + <CR> versus a BCR set by the original caster's CR roll.

Spell Reversal

If the counterspell is cast with at least 1.5x as many preps as the original spell, the spell can be reflected back on the caster if the counterspell roll is at least 5 higher than the BCR.

Limitless Magic System

Ok. Now that you have the basic ideas down, let's go forward! The Limitless Magic System is a very broad topic that can't be very easily explained without showing you how it works. So, without further ado, An Example!

Types of Magic

Arcane Magic comes in many flavors or 'schools'. These schools are:

This is magic in a very basic form, used for literally calling forth magic of a particular type.
Alteration and Illusion 
This school centers around magic used to change things, to alter yourself or others, or your surroundings.
This is a type of magic that protects, blocks or defends.
This school teaches the art of summoning things to assist.
This type of magic allows you to attach magical spells to physical objects.
This dark magic deals with death, raising the undead, draining life, etc.
This occult school is the art of scrying, having premonitions about what could air yourself or others.

Divine Magic only comes in two schools:

This is the magic granted by the good Gods and Primes who seek to help life.
This is the magic granted by the evil Gods and Primes who seek to destroy life.

Wild Magic is the magic of the raw emotion poured out as magical power.

Spellsong is the power of magic woven into the beauty of song.

Seal Magic is the magic of distilled elemental essence.