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The Combat System is currently under redevelopment. These pages are depreciated and are here only for development reference.
If you are a new member or visitor, be aware that you do not need to have a Character sheet to be a member or to roleplay in Ansteorra.
Please ignore these pages unless you are involved in active development.
If you have specific questions about development, please contact the Rah (Kitzibeth/Kitzerina/Alouette) only.
Other officials are not able to answer and will not answer questions about the Combat System.

This is a public service announcement for Sirum's sanity: If you are looking at these pages and are confused, we sympathize. Hit the back button on your browser now. These pages are not for public consumption! They are not part of the current Ansteorra roleplay. See the warning above. Do not ask Sirum questions about these pages. The only person questions should be directed at is the Rah (Kitzibeth/Kitzerina/Alouette). Do not complain about how confusing these pages are. They are all out of date, irrelevant, and have no bearing on anything having to do with anything. Nothing to see here, move along.
Buh-bye now! Auf Weiderschein! Au Revoir! Are you still reading this? Go RP you slacker! <3

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