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Hi there! I'm Kitzibeth, Rah of Ansteorra, and your guide through the wonderful world of the Ansteorra Combat System. Hold onto your hats!

The first step in creating any character in Ansteorra is simply to decide what your character is going to be. Will he be a feline? Will she be a dragon? Will there be something that makes her a half-demon? That's all for you to decide! The system is flexible enough to allow for just about anything, and if it doesn't fit your character, ask any of the councilmembers to help! So what's your first step? Grab a copy of the Character Sheet!

Once you've finished that, we're ready to begin! Please read this whole page! If you don't, then you can really mess up the rest of your sheet.

Welcome to Ansteorra!
Welcome to Ansteorra!

Who will you be?
Who will you be?

First Steps

Now that you have a character sheet, there's a few easy things you can do right off the bat.

Character Name: This is the name of your Character. Some names are not very appropriate. If your name is blatantly taken from a well known novel or an anime, chances are you're going to have to change it. If your character name has numbers, like Rylo72356, then you'll have to get a different avatar. Some continuity-helpful naming hints can be found on the CS:Naming your Character page.

Character Gender/Race/Base: Gender is either Male or Female or Neuter. Available races can be found in the Index of Races Choosing your race is very important, as that will help define your characteristics in the continuity! Your Base helps define your intrinsic skills. Does your character have a knack for physical prowess, or for catching onto magical theories?

Initial Rolls: Everyone starts with a certain set amount of experience (XP) and currency in Silver Pieces (SP). Note: The 100 XP does NOT count towards your character's 'Total XP', and any excess disappears once character creation is complete. That is, all new characters start at level 1 with 0 current experience and 0 total experience once character creation is complete while keeping only skills, equipment, and leftover silver from character creation.

Starting XPStarting SP

Fleshing out your character

First of all, choosing your race is very important. Certain races give bonuses to different Ability Scores while others do not. Some races have different interactions with other races that must be roleplayed out. For example: everyone hates the Drow. Another very important part of your character are your Ability Scores, which determine a large portion of what your character is capable of; both physically and mentally. And after all this, you get to choose your Base and Skills, which are essentially the skill-path, or character concept, you want to begin your character with.

Don't worry if it looks like a horrific amount of information. All it takes is time before the whole process is second nature!

Spiffy Links!

Choices, choices..
Choices, choices..

Unnatural/Supernatural Characters

Bill the Vampire, a poor character concept
Bill the Vampire, a poor character concept

In the world of Ansteorra there are many kinds of creatures, including the less-than-mundane. Roaming Feanor are Vampires, Lycanthropes, Whisps, Liches, Half-elementals and a whole host of other strange and supernatural creations. However, these supernatural creatures are very bad ideas for a starting character.

While such things do indeed exist, we highly encourage a new character to be as mundane as possible. You don't need to have your family slaughtered by vampires in order to be interesting, and we will thank you for not claiming to be cursed by a lich/demon/werewolf. Keep this in mind while writing your character's backstory, and remember that Ansteorra is a world filled with amazing feats and daring adventures; but it's best served in roleplay, not arbitrary writing.