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Death is never unexpected
Death is never unexpected
When a character drops to 0 HP, they are unconscious. If brought to -1 HP or lower, they are considered dying. To kill a dying or unconscious person, an opponent must post a Killing Blow (KB). Even if this does not happen, after 5 + <Constitution Modifier> turns of dying, you do, actually, die.
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Normal healing spells will be able to only heal an already up and fighting person. After someone is knocked unconscious at 0 HP or below, nothing can be done with normal healing magic, and only First Aid can be used to stabilize the character. Once a character is stabilized, they remain at 0 HP until the end of battle, at which time they immediately heal to 1 HP. A character at 0 HP is considered helpless, but they are in no danger of bleeding to death.

Quest Death Options

On quests, DMs can choose one of three options for handling Character Death. Death is, by definition, not very fun to deal with OOCly for many players, so different quests may have different levels of difficulty of death.

Option 1: Hardcore

Death is possible, and the rules on this page are applied in full. In a Hardcore quest, a 100 on a severity roll is typically an instant kill.

Option 2: Limited Death

Death is still possible, but the BCR for First Aid rolls is limited to some maximum value (usually 30). Therefore, even if your character has a very large negative HP value, they can still be stabilized on a roll of 30 or more.

Option 3: Miniquest

Miniquests typically have a no-death-possible rule. This treats any negative HP value as equivalent to zero.