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"Pick your sword up, soldier. You'll have time to sleep once you've sweated blood and given hell to your enemies."
- From the popular myth, Evan the Great.

Canines are a race of furres injected with a deep sense of pride and honor - St. Iocus was a canine, after all. They come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from large wolves to smaller breeds, and are often found in adventures and professions requiring brawn, rather than brains.

Canines are found everywhere in Calenndor, doing what they can to make a living. While most of them keep away from the seedier jobs one may aquire in many cities, some canines have been known to take up the darker arts if the pay is right and the odds are good.

Canines are generally human sized, with sharp facial features. Their voices tend to be sharp and barking, and their actions are often far more blunt than most other furres. They get along well with equines and dwarves, and as a rule detest rodents and felines.

Ability Score Modifiers

+2 -2

Well known canines