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Though they don't come at the top of the sheet, they are half of the most important quantities in the game!

Every Character has a set of ability scores. These are: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. If you want to know what these terms mean, check the Glossary. Every character starts off with the same basic set of Ability Scores:


When you choose your race, you get a set of instant changes to your ability scores. For example: a Feline gets +2 Dex and -2 Wis. Adjust your scores according to your race.

Now comes the hard part. You get 15 Ability Points to spend on your character. However, you must spend those points in such a way so that the character you make reflects the freeform character that you play. At first level, you cannot have a single Ability Score above 18. You cannot swap points from one Ability Score to another once you have added your 15 points.


Xorn is a Feline who is extremely smart, wise and likable, but not very physical.

On the left is Xorn's base scores. Since he wants to be smart, he adds 7 of his 15 points to Intelligence, but he's also wise, so he needs to add a few points to Wisdom, but since his wisdom is very low, he needs to add a few more points to it. He adds 6 points. That leaves 2 point left to add to Charisma.

Strength 10

<--- Base Scores

Modified Scores --->

Strength 10
Dexterity 12 Dexterity 12
Constitution 10 Constitution 10
Intelligence 10 Intelligence 17
Wisdom 8 Wisdom 14
Charisma 10 Charisma 12

These ability scores are what make up the physical and mental capabilities of your character, but what is actually used for most situations is not the base score itself, but the stat modifiers instead. It's the modifiers, not the base scores, that are the bonuses used to determine things like AC, MR, To-hit and Damage and a whole host of other useful things.

When ability scores are particularly important is in the case of curses and poisons. These often drop the base ability score, which in turn lowers the modifier.

To find your stat modifiers, visit the Stat Modifiers page!

Here are some important things to note about having a score of zero, not a mod of +0. If you are helpless, you have an AC of 5 + <Armor Bonuses>, and an MR of 5 + <Armor Bonuses>, because you can't do anything to defend yourself.

  • A Strength of 0 means that a character is not strong enough to move, and lies helpless on the ground.
  • A Dexterity of 0 means that a character is unable to move due to paralyzation or similar effects, they are helpless.
  • A Constitution of 0 means the character is dead. As your Constitution changes, remember to readjust your HP to the new bonus.
  • An Intelligence of 0 means that the character cannot think, and is in a coma-like stupor, and helpless.
  • A Wisdom of 0 means that the character is comatose, drawn into his/her own mind, in a deep sleep filled with nightmares, and helpless.
  • A Charisma of 0 means that the character is catatonic and helpless.