Belsamber's Towers

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Created in TA 1040, when the Lich King was first launching his attacks against the Freelands, Belsamber’s Towers are a series of enormous stone towers. Each one was built to be a self sufficient fort, capable of withstanding tremendous attack and, it was hoped, stalling the armies of the Lich King.

Each tower stands some one hundred feet tall, and is roughly three quarters that wide at the base; the walls slope inwards slightly, leaving the top only fifty feet wide. Created entirely with magic, the stones were unmortared, interlocking strata of the local granite, iron, and obsidian. So reinforced, it would take truly awesome siege machinery or the most potent magic to bring them down.

In addition to being a mighty fort, each contained part of a key to a series of interlocking portals – the spell forms so painstakingly made, even an apprentice could manage to hold open a portal for several minutes. Thus, armies could be rapidly maneuvered between the various towers, allowing for incredible versatility on the defense.

Unfortunately, the basic assumption proved flawed – though costly, one of the towers was taken, and the rest fell in rapid order as they were attacked from the inside. Since, they served precisely the opposite of their original purpose – Belsamber’s towers are the single largest obstacle anyone wishing to attack Sar-Sargoth must face.

Today, most are crumbled, mostly destroyed ruins – During the height of the Xanthian offensive into Sargothas in FA 7, Rivyn knocked over several of the forts with powerful earthquakes, while Entad D’lune pulled up lava into more. Only the westernmost pair and the farthest east Tower were left alone, though later incursions inside them were unable to locate the spell-forms, much to the chagrin of Valanthian diplomats.