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Welcome one and all to the Ansteorra Ball! We are all very excited to have you here and would simply like to tell you a few things you should know before RPing in Ansteorra!

  1. First off, we'd like to tell you why this ball is being held in the first place! During our plotline, our previous castle had been destroyed. After years of having no castle in the kingdom, the construction of a new one has finally begun! This ball is being held to celebrate this wonderful event! You can find information about other major events that had happened by checking the timeline of the Fourth Age!
  2. Next, we would like to give you a few friendly guidelines on how to avoid conflict both ICly and OOCly while role playing. Please keep in mind at all times that the word of an official is final, and if you fail to follow our rules you can and will be ejected without warning.
    1. We are a high magic, strict role playing guild and if your character doesn't fit within the continuity, you will not be allowed to RP here.
    2. This is a PG-13 guild, and your description may not contain any references to anything 'yiffy.' Likewise, your RP must also stay within the bounds of PG-13. You may take anything of this nature outside of the dream if you wish.
    3. Any fighting during this event is very discouraged. The parties involved are subject to being jailed ICly. Should this happen, you will not be able to play this character again during the event and, if the player should choose to join the guild, will have to go through a trial. Keep this in mind if you plan to start trouble.
    4. A more detailed version of our rules can be found here.
  3. Though we are expecting a very wide variety of characters to attend the ball, we would like to kindly remind you that your character history will not always be valid in our continuity. You should try looking through our pages on continuity before bringing anything about your character's history up ICly. If you have any questions, please feel free to whisper an official.

That basically sums up everything you need to know before starting to RP at our event! Remember, all questions and concerns can be whispered to any available officials which are listed on the main page. Maybe even a few existing members will be willing to help you as well! Remember, above all, have fun and try not to let our rules scare you! ;)
Oh, and if you are still in the OOC room at the dream's entrance, type '@I agree!' (without the 's!) to enter the dream
now that you know what to expect!