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  1. All must have a description and name that fits the guild's theme. (Medieval High Magic)
    • No modern devices. Guns, cybernetics, jeans, tee shirts are not allowed.
    • We are a PG-13 Guild. Explicit references to anything 'yiffy' is inappropriate and we will ask you to leave the dream or change your description. The definition of 'yiffy' is up to the councilperson on duty.
    • Please refrain from placing real-life info on your description. This is a Strict Roleplaying guild, not Persona Play.
  2. Many Ansteorra members have a [AK] tag in their description. However, not all do. Do not assume that someone is not a member unless you ask them-- on that same note, falsifying membership is not allowed!
  3. We are a partially-closed continuity. Non-members are considered visitors who cannot hold an official IC position in Ansteorra, but may still RP freely without joining. They should not expect that their character's history will be acknowledged (such as being from Earth or Prince from another land) - especially if it does not fit with the continuity.
    • Ansteorra is not D&D. Though we borrow concepts from that game, not everything D&D is allowable
    • Ansteorra has a very well-defined continuity in some regards, and though we'd like to help you integrate into our continuity as much as possible, there are some things that just won't work here (see rule 1). Your character should conform to Ansteorra, rather than Ansteorra conforming to your character (i.e: No massive dragons, King of another land, etc.). If you are told that x power does not work, then please respect that it simply does not work.
  4. Please do not cause trouble in the dream. It will be met with removal; we ask that you please remain peaceful and follow the rules of Furcadia's ToS.
  5. While we are a freeform guild, Ansteorra uses a dice system for resolving conflicts on plots and quests. The rules of the Ansteorra Combat System (the CS) apply nowhere else. Dice are not preferred in normal interaction. Unless you are on a quest, or in a DM-approved setting, freeform interaction is preferred.
  6. Please type - and hit enter to enable the OOC channel for chatter and non-roleplay commentary. We will warn, then remove those who are seen to not follow this rule in excess (that includes idling in areas where RP is going on!)
  7. If you wish to join the guild, visit the join page ( Please spend time reading the forums (, as well as the world information before creating your character.
  8. All problems are resolved by the officials. If you have a problem with the guild or another player, bring it up with one of us; we'll be glad to help resolve issues in most situations.
  9. Bots from other dreams are NOT allowed, period. We don't advertise in your guild, don't advertise in ours.
  10. If you can not reach anyone and have a question, complaint, idea, etc. Use our forums (

These are the basic house rules set and subject to change.