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Note: The charter is out of date compared to current plot. It is here as it was submitted to DEP (

1. Guild’s Name: Ansteorra Kingdom (Ansteorra in Exile)

2. Webpage URL:

3. Guild E-mail contact:

4. Rah’s Furcadia Name: Kitzibeth / Kitzerina

5. Taneest(a)s: Dalin Kayde, Jonathan Ruddiwyne, Kele-De, Rivyn, Ruby Pyralis, Zagnafein Silverleaf

6. Ten + 1 Founding members and their email addresses:

Dalin Kayde
Zagnafein Silverleaf <removed>
Sirum Hest
Marlina Evenstar
Ruby Pyralis

7. Guild Dream Title: Ansteorra Kingdom

8. Guild Dream Location: Dream is uploaded near the Bardic Circle [ X - 54 Y - 63 ]

9. How to Join: - follow the directions

10. Your Guild's Continuity: The continuity is centered on the Kingdom of Ansteorra, on the continent of Calanndor, on the world of Faenor. The continuity is unrelated to the Dragonlands, or Kasuria, though they are based on similar common materials.

11. Style of Play: Strict Roleplay with a dice-based Combat System.

12. Continuity's Tech Level: Late-period Medieval, with magic, no gunpowder.

13. Types of Characters your Continuity Supports: The Continuity supports Furres, Elves, Humans, Halflings, Dwarves and various other species. Full details are given on the website.

14. Combat: Combat is dice based, and uses a special rule set with character sheets.

15. Backstory: In the last several hundred years, Ansteorra has risen from a small trading town on the shores of the Crescent Lake, to a thriving Kingdom, though not without difficulties. What follows is a brief summary of the history of the Kingdom, as told by the head scribe and historian of Ansteorra, Nikka Quickfoot:

"Ansteorra was, according to legend, founded by Goridona early in the Third Age, who took his bride and newborn son along with three dozen colonists to a rocky outcropping overlooking the Crescent Lake to settle a city. He was a very charismatic leader, for though the first winters were hard, none of the troupe deserted him. What had started as a small lumber village soon grew prosperous through the careful management of Goridona and his wife. Over the years, trade routes were established from Montevello, a large coastal city in the east, all the way around the mountainous wall to Aractha, which, at that time was thriving empire of the west. Along the length of the middle-lands of Calanndor ran another trade route that connected the frozen city of Sargothas to Tigath, the southern nomad-kingdom of the plains. For many years, trade flourished along the crosswise trade routes, and all of the major cities of the continent prospered

However, with heavy trade comes banditry, and the small town of Ansteorra was at the crossroads of the two most important trade routes on the continent. A bandit lord, whose name has been lost to history, coveted the riches that could be gained by controlling such a vital crossroads. He and his men sacked Ansteorra, and burned it to the ground, asserting control over all of the trade routes that passed through the center of Calanndor. Such outrage went not unnoticed by the lords of Sargothas, Aractha, and the other surrounding lands, and they swept through the great forests with their armies and destroyed the bandits' operation, returning the now-destroyed Ansteorra to the many refugees that had escaped the sacking. Goridona, who was nearing the end of his life, called together the Ansteorrans and, atop the ruins of the previous city, rebuit Ansteorra as a walled city, with the help from the Dwarves of the east. The Dwarves, on the orders of Goridan, grandson of Goridona, tunneled into the cliff faces overlooking the lake, and created the underground city, a space and trading boon to the nearly overpopulated city.

Over the next millenium, Ansteorra grew to nearly a half-million people, and it's vital position, as defender of the trading crossroads was made secure by the Dwarven stonework of the city. However, far to the north, in Sargothas, dark clouds would cover the land. The city, which was certainly the mightiest of the continent, fell under the sway of a fell beast known only as the "Lich King of Sargothas", and the city was corrupted: furres, elves, men and dwarves fell into depravity, and the corpses of the dead rose as servants of the Lich King. Fearing this, a mages from the City of Towers led by Belsamber hastily constructed huge towers across the Sargothian plains to deter the Lich King's threat. But all was for naught, for only a few years after the towers were completed, they were overrun by the armies of Sargothas - their hale and stout warriors adding to the innumerable undead of that blighted land. Using the well-worn trade routes, the armies of the Lich King stormed down through Calanndor over the intervening years, destroying much of the ancient City of Towers, sacking Ansteorra, wiping Montevello from the face of Feanor, and laying waste to the Empire of Aractha, whose lands remain a rocky desert to this day.

Of course, the peoples of Calanndor were not without victories. The armies of the Lich King were routed at Tigath, and met stiff resistance at each step. Ultimately, an ancient druid known as 'Rivyn' banded together an army of mages, and directly challenged the Lich King in Sargothas, and in a battle which shook the very foundation of the ice city, the Lich King was defeated. Those survivors of the final battle built a grand fortress named Grimhold at the gap of Sargothas, to forever protect the peoples of Calannor from the ravages of the Lich King. Ansteorra, whose peoples had retreated into the caves of their ancestors, provided a touchstone for the rebuilding of the continent, and within only a few generations, had rebuilt much of what had been lost in the struggle against Sargothas. The first King of Ansteorra was Goridan I, "The Wise". It was he who began rebuilding the kingdom. His daughter, Valeda, along with her husband, Count Grizzbach (in later years, it was found that he was not a Count at all) traveled to the ruins of Montevello, and helped to found the city of Scarport, and the Duchy of Himo. Goridan's grandson, Goridan III, "The Father", had eight children, whose names now grace the provinces of Ansteorra, and who founded the great Kingdoms of Launcia, Austia and Tharivol.

Nearly two millenia passed, and once again, the world was in danger, as an ancient evil had ressurected ancient runes of power, and the Lich King had returned to life. Such evil threatened to destroy the entirety of Feanor. Warriors and mages from across the continent joined with the druid Rivyn, and the ageless keeper of the runes, Path'en to combat this threat. Upon the temple of the runes, they defeated the great evil, and destroyed his plans, but the armies of Sargothas took a terrible toll on the lands of the south, Grimhold was attacked and nearly destroyed, and Ansteorra was sacked by the undead horde. But the clarion call of the destruction of the runes cast a white light over the continent, and Sargothas retreated, ending the Third Age of Calanndor.

Today we live in the first decade of the Fourth Age. May the Primes shine brightly on our future."

16. Geography:

Ansteorra - The kingdom with the smallest land area, but the greatest prestige, Ansteorra is at the center of the continent, on the shores of the Crescent Lake. It's population is varied, consisting of mainly furres, elves, and humans.

Austia - The largest of the kingdoms, the people of Austia are almost exclusively farmers, tilling the reach plains just north of Tigath. The furre and humans of Austa tend to be a bit slower of mind, but a good bit larger of body

Himo - The people of Himo, which pans the coastline of the east, are sailors, and all to often, pirates. They tend to be quite adept with ships, and are knowledgeable about the ocean, but are almost always very thin, tending towards scrawniness.

Launcia - The great mountains just to the east of Ansteorra are host to the Launcia clan and the Dwarves. The population tends towards large and wealthy, or poor miners, with very little middle class. Most of the population are furre or Dwarves..

Tharivol - The capital, Thamrivol, sits at the entrance to a circle of mountains enclosing what was once known as the Desert of Death, whose secrets are not given up easily. Most of the population of the city are tresure hunters and merchants.

Valanthia - Not so much an area as a state of mind, the Valanthians nominally controls a large tract of land just north of Ansteorra, but they tend to travel far and wide, the only permanent habitation being the City of Towers, an ancient citadel of magical learning that dates from the Second Age. Many demons and devils found throughout the lands have been traced back to the city of towers, along with a few miracles.

Xanthia - Holding the entire northern border, the Xanthia's population is a group of hard bitten, powerfully muscled group of warriors, used to dealing with the swarms of undead and various monsters that roam the Sargothas plains.

17. Magic Items: See combat rules on webpage.

18. Roleplay positions: Any that a bustling medieval town would have.

19. Factions: Ansteorran Army, Mage's Guild, and other various guilds around the city.

20. Character Sheets: Character sheets are required for quests and most combat.

21. Plot Assumptions: Plots and related are posted to the forums.

22. OOC Areas: Entrance area. Before entering to the RP, everyone must agree to a certain set of rules.

23. Guild Positions: Webmaster: Rivyn & Kitzibeth Dream master: Kitzibeth Bot Master: Various Patch Master: Kitzibeth Dreamholders: Various Recruiter: Any member Training Master: Any Taneest Advertising Agent: Anyone who takes it upon themselves. Events Planner: All guilds hold their own plots, events..etc. Dream Security: Taneests and appointed representatives when officals aren't availible.