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So you've clicked on the link, you've come by the dream, and now you wanna join? Well, welcome to Ansteorra!

Joining is pretty simple. Register on the forums here ( (the registration code is b5be2699), copy, paste, and fill out the following form onto the 'New Applicants' board using your characters name as the subject, and post it. We'll let you know within a week if you've been accepted for membership. During that time, feel free to RP in dream as if you were a member. However, your character cannot hold an IC job or remain in the dream permanently unless you are accepted. If you need help with anything concerning Ansteorra, just whisper any current member - they'll be glad to help! To see an example Join form click here.

When you are accepted, like most members, you are free to place an [AK] tag in your description. However, please refrain from doing so until you're actually accepted!


Preferred method of contact: Forum PM or Email (please list email, you're welcome to phrase it as joeshmoe[at] to avoid spam):

Character's Full Name:

Character's Login Name:

Character's Species:

Character's Age:

Physical Description:

Character's History (click here for help with this):

Desired IC Position: (For a list, click here! - this is only if your character is seeking an IC position - it's optional)

Other Notes:

Sample RP Post: