Amelia Goldfang

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Full Name: Amelia Goldfang
Date of Birth: August 24, TA 4359
Age: 36 (As of Fourth Age; Year eleven)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 56 kg
Species/Race: Canine
Level: 24
Archetype: Arcane
Eye Color: Yellow
Fur Color: Tawny
Headfur Color: Brown.
Family: Siradi Goldfang, (Father) Kiruma Goldfang, (Mother, Deceased) Steven Goldfang (Brother)
Career: Director of War Labs research within the Kebeyen Republic

Description: Known throughout the Republic as the mastermind behind the War Labs and known as brilliant throughout Calenndor for her working with machinery or finding new ways in which to use known magics. Having obtained the rank of Grandmistress within Valanthas she was soon after banished for improper conduct, specifically centered around the anti-magic devices she had crafted. They were seen as an abberration, and ordered destroyed. When it was found that she had not done as ordered, she was stripped of position and exiled from the nation. Later, she joined with Damien Reelin on reccomendation from her brother Steven Goldfang. In large part, it is because of her that the War of Liberation began, as without her, the Liberation Army would not have had the strength to invade Austia and continue onwards.

Lacking exceptional height, this canine is nevertheless what many might consider pretty, though the almost maniacal gleam to her eyes often dissuaded potential suitors. Redish robes hang about her body, though they bear many signs of negligence, as if they were merely placed there as an afterthought, because of the neccesity to wear something, rather than having any particular thought put into them. Upon her muzzle rest spectacles, giving her a curious appearance indeed. The hum of machines at work always seems to surround her, even when the source of such is not immediately present within her paws.